The thinner the core of the diaper, the better?

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QuintanaThu, Jul 28, 2022 4:24 PM
Ultra-thin diapers on the market generally use a composite paper core. Some diapers to pursue to become very thin, it is inevitable to sacrifice the addition of fluffy fleece, and even some diapers will add some glue, which will obviously affect the breathability and absorption of the diapers, in order to make up for this, more absorbent beads will be added, which will inevitably lead to a stiff diaper feel, not skin-friendly, poor infusion. Therefore, the thinner the diaper is not the better, compared with the thickness, breathability and absorption capacity is more worthy of attention. Whether a diaper is breathable or not depends on its material and breathable structure. Those with good materials and reasonable air permeability settings are more breathable.
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