How feasible is the use of elastic nonwoven for infant pull-ups?

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FelixSun, Jul 17, 2022 6:43 AM
Elastic nonwoven or elastic film was widely used in the elastic waistband at the back end of adhesive-type baby diapers ten years ago, and elastic big ears were also widely used. Compared with spandex elastic stretch response is better and lower cost. Elastic nonwoven combines elasticity with the properties of fabric, such as soft stretch recovery. The feel of textile fabric, flat and colorful beautiful ultra-thin fabric feel. Baby swimming trunks and other fashionable apparel-oriented products pay more attention to the new application of elastic nonwoven. Elastic nonwoven fabric is divided into longitudinal elasticity, horizontal elasticity and four-sided elasticity. From the elasticity function demand alone, elastic nonwoven fabric still needs to be greatly improved, in order to close the gap with spandex.
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