What are the characteristics of spunbond nonwovens compared with other nonwoven production methods?

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HoratioThu, Jun 30, 2022 9:35 AM
1, the spunbond method is the production of chemical fiber and nonwoven production of both into one, in a production line at the same time two processes production; and carding into the network method is only the use of chemical fiber processing, it does not produce its own fiber. 2, spunbond production is fully automated, due to the hot melt properties of the polymer, the production process is generally not allowed to stop, such as downtime, must be a series of preparatory work in advance, otherwise it will cause great waste; and other methods of production of non-woven fabrics are not this strict requirements. 3, spunbond production is highly automated, technology-intensive production, the quality of workers, management and maintenance of production requirements are more stringent, or production is difficult; and other non-woven production methods, although there are certain requirements, but no spunbond method so strict.
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