What are the advantages of nonwoven production process?

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PhilippaTue, Jun 28, 2022 9:55 AM
1、Short process flow and high labor productivity General nonwoven production, only in a continuous production line, the process is short, which is conducive to the realization of continuous production and automation. Foreign countries have adopted electronic computers to automate and control the whole production process, laying the foundation for future unmanned factories. Due to the short process, thus high labor productivity. Such as the use of spinning directly into the network method of production of non-woven fabrics, the polymer slices from the chemical plant into the feed bin, as long as a few hours to get the finished non-woven fabric, its labor productivity will be greatly improved. 2、High production speed, significant economic benefits Because the process is short and not limited by the spinning and weaving speed, the production speed is greatly improved. If the average output of automatic shuttle loom (5m/set) as 1, the output of sewing method is 90, needle punching method is 125-360, viscose method is 600, hot-rolled viscose method is 1800, spinning directly into the network method is 20-2000, wet method is 2300-10,000, its unit output can be increased by 90, the production speed is greatly improved. 10000, its unit output can be increased 90-10000 times, its economic benefits can be imagined. 3、a wide range of raw materials, not subject to any restrictions Almost every known textile fiber raw materials can be used in the production of nonwoven fabrics, whether it is natural fibers, chemical fibers and their off-cuts, all the way to asbestos fibers, glass fibers, carbon fibers, graphite fibers, metal fibers or high-temperature resistant aramid fibers, etc., which are difficult to process by traditional textile methods, can be processed on the nonwoven production equipment, and the length and fineness of the fiber changes in the non The length and fineness of the fibers are not limited in the production of nonwovens.
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