Is it harmful for diapers to contain lint pulp as a component? There is no brand that does not contain lint pulp

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MarcusSat, Jun 25, 2022 8:30 AM
1, in fact, as long as the regular large manufacturers or brands, will not use unhygienic, substandard quality "black heart cotton" for the production and processing of diapers manufacturing, are generally the use of the United States imported IP, GP, good (Weyerhaeuser) and other wood pulp. 2, touch whether fluffy and comfortable After buying home, we can open the package to see if the internal structure is safe. We put the diapers on our hands to feel carefully, good diapers should be thin and thick, the surface is clean, the color is normal, and can feel very fluffy, light and soft when squeezed by hand. If it is black cotton, it will feel hard and uneven. 3, tear open to see inside Just said that the feel can identify whether it is black cotton, if you are not sure, you can tear open the cotton strip to see the material inside. Good diapers are made of fluffy pulp with strong adsorption and good fluffiness. Black heart diapers, on the other hand, are made from pulp with garbage, offcuts, etc.
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