Are absorbent beads harmful?

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Are the macromolecules and absorbent beads in the raw materials of diapers harmful?

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Demon KingWed, Apr 20, 2022 9:01 AM

Water absorbing beads are non-toxic. Water absorbing beads are a super absorbent carrier that stores water, nutrients and trace elements and has a variety of colors. After absorbing water, the product is crystal clear and bright in color. It is very similar to crystal. It can be used for planting plants and ornamental decorations.

Colored water absorbing beads are colorful and diverse. They can not only plant flowers but also arrange flowers. They can also match colored crystal mud of various colors according to personal preferences to achieve their favorite effect. It is widely used in the cultivation of various indoor plants, decoration of daffodil pool, flower arrangement, crystal candlestick, water cluster decorations, as well as urban people's writing desk, Christmas gifts, daily home greening, aromatic raw materials, etc. it will become a beautiful scenery in the city.

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