How to use diapers correctly?

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How to use diapers correctly?

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How to use diapers correctly

1. Change your diapers in time. The urine of newborns often dissolves some body metabolites, such as uric acid, urea and so on. Urine is generally weakly acidic and can form highly irritating compounds. The stool of newborns who eat breast milk is weakly acidic, and that of newborns who eat milk is weakly alkaline; The stool of newborns who eat breast milk will be slightly thinner, and the stool of newborns who eat milk will be slightly dry. Whether it is dry stool, loose stool, or acidic or alkaline substances, it is irritating to the skin of newborns. If the diapers are not replaced in time, the delicate skin will be congested, the skin will be red or diaper rash in light cases, and decay, ulcer and peeling may also be caused in severe cases.

2. The joints of diapers should be glued firmly. When changing diapers for newborns, be sure to make the connector stick to the diapers. If you use newborn care products, such as oil, powder or shower gel, you should pay special attention. These things may touch the joint and reduce its adhesion.

3. When fixing diapers, make sure your fingers are dry and clean.

When the diapers are too small, some methods can be used to make them larger, and then continue to use them. At the same time, the above also explains some use skills of diapers, and I believe mothers will gain a lot. And Xiaobian believes that the most important thing is that mothers should timely understand the growth of their baby and buy diapers of appropriate size. This is the long-term plan.

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