What problems may exist in the purchase of equipment parts?

What problems may exist in the purchase of equipment parts?

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dumplingMon, Apr 4, 2022 10:10 PM

The specifications are inconsistent, and the size is different from the design drawing or procurement.

Wrong quantity, problems with freight, etc.

Demon KingWed, Apr 6, 2022 10:16 AM

1. The procurement plan is untrue, inaccurate, not serious enough, and there is blind procurement. Material procurement plan is the main basis for the implementation of material procurement activities. Its impact involves the whole process of material procurement and cannot be changed at will once determined.
2. The selection of procurement method is not flexible and scientific. At present, enterprises mainly use bidding and price comparison to purchase. At first, procurement through bidding and price comparison did significantly reduce procurement costs and accumulate rich supplier resources. However, with the development of the enterprise itself, the procurement work only relying on bidding and price comparison can no longer meet the needs of improving procurement efficiency and efficiency.
3. The loss of hidden assets is not taken seriously. State owned enterprises have attached great importance to the problem of asset loss, but they still focus on the loss of assets in the flow and ignore the loss of hidden assets in the stock.
4. Poor information. Procurement cannot be completed without information. In the case of insufficient information, purchasing personnel may make defective decisions, which may lead to disastrous results. Therefore, the internal and external information flow of market information, supplier information and demand information should be smooth.
5. The comprehensive quality of purchasing personnel needs to be further improved. Material procurement is not simply buying things with money, but a systematic project. The quality of procurement work directly affects the process and quality of the whole business activities of the enterprise.

Demon KingMon, Apr 25, 2022 4:55 PM

  1. The procurement plan is extensive and not detailed, and the sense of responsibility must be strengthened. The procurement plan is the source of the whole procurement process. At present, the main problems in the procurement plan are: first, the inaccurate specifications and models lead to a series of problems such as subsequent quotation and acceptance; Second, material overstock and shortage coexist. Some spare parts are purchased repeatedly, and some spare parts are in insufficient inventory, which not only causes waste, but also affects safety production.

 & Nbsp& Nbsp& Nbsp& Nbsp& Nbsp& Nbsp& nbsp; 2. Reporting from the procurement plan to the formation of the procurement contract has many approval links, long process time and low work efficiency. The necessary approval procedure is the guarantee to realize the preciseness and standardization of the procurement work, but too many approval links also lead to the lengthy delay of the procurement work. Sometimes, due to market changes, the best procurement opportunity will be missed, and the use of the production site will be affected.

 & Nbsp& Nbsp& Nbsp& Nbsp& Nbsp& Nbsp& nbsp; 3. The purchase of equipment of different brands is determined solely by the price. In order to enhance competitiveness, multi brand bidding is mostly required in engineering equipment procurement. Because all brands and users have signed technical agreements, they can meet the use requirements in terms of performance. When the comprehensive bid evaluation method cannot be used, the price has become the only evaluation standard. However, there are still differences in the quality of different brands. Some brands have lower prices. In the short term, the purchase price is lower. However, the comprehensive cost may be higher in terms of long-term spare parts consumption, equipment maintenance cost and impact on product quality.

 & Nbsp& Nbsp& Nbsp& Nbsp& Nbsp& Nbsp& nbsp; 4. The supplier team is too large and the quality is mixed. Some iron and steel enterprises purchase many brands of equipment spare parts every year, and the team of suppliers is also very large. There are hundreds of manufacturers, agents and general traders. Although the huge supplier team has increased the space for selection, it also provides an opportunity for some leather bag companies with weak technical force and weak capital base to participate in bidding. In addition, some individuals will collude with some purchasers to lower or raise the supply price through collusion and co bidding, so as to carry out unfair competition, which not only damages the interests of enterprises, but also leads purchasers to the road of crime.

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