Rules for purchasing diapers

What are the details of buying diapers?

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OutcrowdTue, Mar 29, 2022 9:19 AM

1. More and faster absorption

More absorption can reduce the replacement frequency; Fast absorption can reduce the time of contact between urine and skin. In addition, the material on the surface of diapers should also be dry and not seeping back, so that the sleeping baby will not be unable to sleep safely by the wet diaper.

2. Breathable and not muggy

If the baby's diapers are uncomfortable, mothers can imagine with the sanitary cotton they use in their physiological period: if they are airtight, especially in summer, it will make people very uncomfortable and difficult to sit and stand. Therefore, the baby's diaper is the same. Is the meticulous and smooth plastic material really more breathable than cotton material? You need to observe from the baby's little ass!

3. Whether the touch is comfortable

Touch is the primary link for the baby to understand the world; Having good tactile experience can enable him to develop a more perfect sense of security. The establishment of a sense of security has a direct impact on future development behavior. The baby's skin is very sensitive. As long as there is a little stimulation, it will make him feel very uncomfortable. This is worth your careful understanding.

4. Dry without leakage

In fact, the diapers sold on the market have reached the standard of no leakage, so mom and dad can be more relieved about this! However, we must pay attention to whether the necking design of the baby's legs and waist is too tight due to leakage prevention and whether the use of materials makes the baby comfortable!

Not only pay attention to the above four points, but also some small details.

dumplingWed, Mar 30, 2022 10:22 AM

What I said upstairs is very comprehensive. I think it's OK.

dumplingMon, Apr 4, 2022 10:12 PM

Mainly ventilation and hygiene.

Demon KingMon, Apr 25, 2022 4:57 PM

1. Choose brands and give priority to the high-quality products of large enterprises. Generally speaking, the production environment of large diaper enterprises is relatively good, the management is relatively strict, and the physical performance and hygiene index inspection are strictly monitored. Many of them have passed the quality system certification. When purchasing diapers, try to choose products of large enterprises and well-known brands. Secondly, pay attention to the packaging and appearance. The appearance should be soft and clean. The product packaging should indicate the name, address, telephone number, product standard, health standard, production date, validity or shelf life, product quality grade, etc. of the manufacturer, as well as the specification and quantity of the product.

2. Looking at the appearance, good diapers are generally fluffy, soft and hydrophilic. The absorption part is generally soft to touch and will rebound quickly after pressing. Because the baby's skin is very thin, the diapers in contact with the baby's skin should be soft and comfortable, and do not contain allergenic ingredients. Otherwise, the baby's soft and sensitive skin is prone to rash and produce red ass. When shopping for diapers, my mother carefully checked whether the diapers contained a soft protective layer.

3. For comfort, try to choose PE film diapers with good air permeability. There are many micro holes on the surface of these diapers, which can absorb the muggy moisture on the baby's ass and avoid the baby's diaper rash. When selecting, choose according to the seasonal characteristics, such as comfortable and breathable type in winter and light and breathable type in summer.

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