What's the difference between baby pants and baby diapers?

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OutcrowdMon, May 17, 2021 2:40 PM

The most obvious difference between baby diapers and baby pants is that the waist feels tight. Baby diapers stick to the lower abdomen and baby pants stick to the sides of the thighs. In fact, these are not the main differences. The main difference is that baby pants are training pants, which can be worn and taken off at will like small underwear. Once the baby diaper is put on, it can go up and down at will. It is difficult to take it off. Baby pants are generally used after the baby is one year old. After the baby can walk, he/she needs to be trained in urination and defecation. Therefore, baby pants is more convenient, which is equivalent to wearing a pair of cotton underwear for the baby. It can not only achieve the purpose of training, but also prevent the baby from urinating. Although it's very convenient, the price is more expensive than diapers, so I suggest that mothers don't need any diapers at home. When they go out, they can choose diapers or baby pants.

OOOOANNThu, Nov 25, 2021 4:59 PM

From diapers to diapers, from diapers to pulling pants, can be said to be a step-by-step leap of mankind. So far, diapers and pull-up pants have become one of the child rearing artifacts, and child rearing is becoming more and more scientific, convenient, clean and hygienic. Of course, there are some differences between the two. 1. Different appearance. The most intuitive difference between lesbian pants and diapers is the difference in appearance. 2. Diapers stand up like pieces of paper, so they need adult assistance to pack them, and pulling pants are small underwear in three dimensions, which can be worn anytime, anywhere. 2. Different design intentions: the original intention of diapers is to prevent wet pants, ensure convenience and hygiene, and is suitable for all babies. The pull-up pants design is further extended on the basis of the existing diapers, and designed a diaper suitable for the baby's climbing and walking stages from the perspective of the baby's growth stage. 3.  The advantages of early and late seasons are different: mainlywinter, the baby's clothes will increase. Compared with pulling pants, diapers have advantages without taking off all the baby's pants. The second issummer, compared with diapers, pull-up pants are less bulky and easier to replace. and alsonightIn theory, there is little difference between the absorption of pulling pants and diapers, but in fact, the absorption of diapers will be relatively large.

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