What are the poor quality ingredients of sanitary napkins?

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MatildaSat, Feb 19, 2022 2:20 PM
Counterfeit and shoddy ingredients: fallen cotton, paper pulp, waste sanitary napkins and black heart cotton. Due to the many fine blood vessels in contact with the sanitary napkin area, the blood flows fast and absorbs viruses quickly. Lint: The surface of sanitary napkin or contains too much lint. After flying into the female reproductive system, women cannot discharge it by themselves. Over time, it directly leads to various gynecological diseases and uterine tumors. After the uterine tumor is cut, most of it is the lint of sanitary napkin . Toxic backing: Mostly industrial adhesive containing benzene is used. Benzene is a disease causing substance. Absorption return: If the water is absorbed and returned badly, it is directly absorbed by the skin twice, leading to gynecological diseases, because women's menstrual blood will be moldy within 2 hours after it comes out of the body. If the sanitary napkin is subjected to water, the cotton of the sanitary napkin will turn yellow, which means that the sanitary napkin is not a good component, and moreover, it contains fluorescent agent. As we all know, fluorescent agent in the lamp will glow when energized. The fluorescent agent itself is a kind of heat-generating agent. When using this sanitary napkin, you will feel stuffy in the lower abdomen, feverish in the upper body, liver fire, and spots on the face. Poor quality sanitary napkin paper is recycled pulp, newspaper book paper and waste recycling station recycled paper to make it, do will be filled with some chemical ingredients, containing polyethylene ingredients, these chemicals can cause harm to the body. Also contains ink and bacteria, will also cause some harm to the body, baked with fire will have a strong plastic smell. Poor quality sanitary napkins backing is chemical glue, containing adhesives, methanol, formaldehyde, benzene, heavy metals and other ingredients, the human body is very harmful.
dumplingTue, Mar 8, 2022 1:54 PM

1. The use of chemical fiber surface or rough soft cotton surface has strong irritation to the skin and is easy to cause allergy.

2. Most of the paper is made of recycled pulp and some chemical ingredients. It contains polyethylene, which will cause harm to the body.

3. Poor quality sanitary napkins contain a small amount of water absorbing materials with poor water absorption and water locking capacity, which is not only easy to cause side leakage, but also can not keep the surface dry. In this case, bacteria are more likely to breed.

4. The use of airtight plastic film makes the body hot and humid with peculiar smell, and will cause local skin itching of women.

5. Chemical industrial glue is used. This industrial glue contains methanol, ethanol, formaldehyde, benzene and heavy metals, which are strong carcinogens.

6. PH value is alkaline. Most bacteria, cocci and Trichomonas are easier to grow and reproduce in alkaline environment, which is easy to cause vaginitis. In severe cases, infertility, Candida infection and other diseases may occur.

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