Is it better to use cotton diapers or dry diapers for newborn babies?

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DerrickSat, Feb 12, 2022 10:28 AM
Cotton is better. One is absorbent, the other is more hygienic, after all, it is a natural plant component that plays a role in taking care of the young baby's buttocks. However, no matter which material is used, it should be changed often, cleaned frequently and checked frequently so that adults are not busy with other things and leave the baby's skin soaked in feces, the baby will cry if he is uncomfortable and the baby's body parts will get infected. Careful care is the key to healthy infant growth. An infant will cry only when he is uncomfortable. However, anxious adults do not understand what is happening to the infant. They think it is because he is being naughty. This is not the case. He's fine if he's comfortable. Why is he crying? If you understand this, you can easily become a competent parent.
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