What is hot air cotton used for?

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WinstonMon, Feb 7, 2022 10:07 AM
Hot air cotton (rubber cotton) is a new insulation material, it is the substitute of spray cotton, imitation silk cotton.Hot air cotton is different from rubber spray cotton.The fixation method is not using latex, but a certain amount of low melting point fiber and two-component fiber mixed in the raw material, after hot baking, can be directly fused between the fibers.Therefore, hot wind cotton production speed is fast, high production, low cost. Hot-air cotton can be used as a filler.Hot air cotton non-woven cloth belongs to the N95 mask filling, in order to balance the effect of warmth and protection, using high fluffy, good elasticity, soft touch, warmth, breathable, breathable, windproof cotton non-woven cloth clamp N95 folding mask middle, mainly for heat insulation, heat insulation, prevent moisture and moisture, increase the comfort of the wearer.However, it should be noted that although the hot wind cotton non-woven cloth is a filtration material, its filtration level can only reach the initial filtration, so it can not replace the N95 mask "heart" -melt-blown cloth.
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