How to buy diapers? What should I pay attention to when buying baby diapers?

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WrightThu, Feb 3, 2022 6:07 PM
The following characteristics can be considered as purchase indicators. (1) Material: Effective diapers have a light texture and soft edges that do not irritate or scratch. (2) Absorbency: The pad draws urine into it and keeps it dry when it comes in contact with the skin. (3)Three-dimensional protective enclosure: Current diapers are equipped with three-dimensional protective enclosure to ensure no side leakage. When choosing diapers, pay attention to whether the rubber band used in the three-dimensional circumference is fine and elastic enough, otherwise it will strangle the baby's skin and may cause side leakage of urine. (4) Elastic waistband: In addition to the material, fit is also an important consideration. Parents must choose the right size according to the size of baby's butt. Increasing the elastic waistband will keep the diaper close to the baby and avoid back leakage. (5) Tape: sticky and best to be pasted repeatedly; in addition, the tearing sound should not be too loud so as not to wake up the sleeping baby; not too hard, otherwise it will easily scratch the baby.
dumplingTue, Mar 8, 2022 2:00 PM

Your description of this question is not rigorous, brother. Do you want to ask the way of purchase or choose the right one? If the way is online or offline, it can be online if it is convenient, and offline if it is guaranteed.

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