What are the testing standards for diapers?

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WrightThu, Feb 3, 2022 5:21 PM
Diaper testing is generally based on the standard GB / T 28004- -2011 Diapers (pieces, mat), which stipulates important quality indicators such as permeability, pH value and delivery moisture, among which permeability includes three indicators of slip seepage, reinfiltration and leakage, as well as basic indicators such as size and quality deviation.In addition, the standard GB / T 28004-2011 Diapers (sheets, pads) also stipulates that the sanitary indicators of diapers shall be implemented in accordance with GB 15979-2002 Sanitary Standards for Disposable Sanitary Products, and the fluff pulp used in diapers shall comply with GB / T 21331 and high absorbent resin shall comply with GB / T 22905 Diapers High Absorbent Resin.
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