What should we pay attention to when choosing maternal sanitary napkins?

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KeithSat, Jan 22, 2022 11:30 AM
Maternal must choose maternal special sanitary napkins, can not use ordinary sanitary napkins.Although some ordinary sanitary napkins can meet the needs of super-long night use, the difference between ordinary sanitary napkins and maternal sanitary napkins in terms of materials, sanitary index and air permeability is huge.The physiological situation of the postpartum women is very different from the normal women.Maternal postpartum birth canal is open and closed, the skin is very sensitive, resistance has also decreased, this time is very prone to infection.The general sanitary towel material is synthetic fiber, containing chemical components, many impurities, disinfection is not strict, some brands did not even have a special disinfection treatment, the use of this sanitary towel will stimulate the wound, aggravate maternal pain, more likely to aggravate maternal infection. So be sure to remember that the puerpera should use the postpartum special sanitary napkins, otherwise there will be many risks.
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