Do babies need to wear underwear after putting on baby training pants? Can they wear them directly as fall pants?

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JosephFri, Jan 21, 2022 11:22 AM
Babies wear training pants just like wearing small underwear.If you wear your underwear during your training pants, it only increases the hassle of changing.But when the child is not wearing training pants, he should wear his underwear.At this time, the best age group is 2-3 years old, in this age group to wear the right underwear, which is very beneficial for the child's growth and development. Training pants generally start for babies over 1 year of age. Generally babies will have urine awareness at this stage, the role of training pants is to let the baby out of the diaper as soon as possible, so as to better help the baby open the crotch pants. Long Johns can not be worn as training pants, and the baby should also wear training pants.
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