How does the determine whether the diaper is too small?

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JeffreyWed, Jan 19, 2022 10:32 AM
The easiest way to judge if the diaper is small is to observe the baby's thighs.After wearing diapers, mothers can pull their hands at the root of their baby's thighs.If it is very tight or even tight, the model is small, need to change the large.After taking off the diaper, if the baby has a strangled mark on the thigh, the mother should change the baby for the large diaper in time.Mothers can also judge whether the model of diapers is appropriate by using the baby's weight.0-5 kg baby suitable for gb diapers.s-type diapers are needed when the baby weighs 5-8 kg.Type m-diapers for babies in Hall 7-11.Babies of over 10 kg need to use diapers.
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