What do I need to consider when choosing adult diapers?

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JamesWed, Jan 19, 2022 10:00 AM
1. Super absorption and sleep all night. Adult diapers have the characteristics of large absorption volume.For adults who can't care for themselves, wear adult diapers, which absorbs heavily and stays dry and clean.At the same time, it can also bring the wearer a whole night of sleep, both carefree and rest assured. 2. Comprehensive water supply, sanitation and safety. You should know that if diapers lock water ability is not good, even if no matter how much it can absorb urine, cause re-infiltration or particularly affect human health.So choose adult diapers to choose those using imported big brands of water absorption beads, more consumption than ordinary products, lock water is more lasting, will not seep back products.Such strong absorption and firm water lock ability products ensure lasting dry adult diapers. 3. Near the waist and move freely. There are pants type and waist buckle type of adult diapers, can let the elderly move freely, not afraid of falling.Wearing a light, fitting adult diaper, even square dancing is not stressful. 4. Prevent leakage and give close protection. Adult diapers use three-dimensional envelope side leakage, and the odor isolation to a certain extent.Dual protection can make users use updates strange, more confident, without worrying about incontinence, or being disliked because of the smell.For many elderly people and people with mobility difficulties, designing a thoughtful adult diaper is a good choice.
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