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Beaulieu outlines the latest sustainable fiber solutions


Beaulieu fibers international has developed a range of sustainable fiber solutions for health and industry.

For non-woven processors serving the health sector, the company's optimized meralux specialty fibers provide performance and sustainability characteristics. It provides improved opacity (reducing TiO2 at the same opacity level), higher coverage, higher volume, and improved liquid management.

In addition, meralux fiber provides significant sustainability advantages, including saving about 55% of raw materials and equivalent carbon emissions, thanks to the reduced weight of non-woven fabrics with the same coverage and the higher recyclability of PP / PE.

Another newest member of the sanitary fiber portfolio is the meraspring BICO PET fiber, which aims to meet the market trend of improving comfort.

Meraspring enables nonwovens to combine softness and bulkiness, providing cushioning and even & ldquo; for end users in applications such as diapers and FEM pads; Health & rdquo; Experience. According to the required characteristics of the final product, 1.7-8.9 dtex fibers can be provided with hydrophilic, hydrophobic and healthy finishing.

Both products were exhibited at the recent index exhibition, and the company's famous ultrabond thermal adhesive fiber was on display at & ldquo; Sustainable raw materials & rdquo; The category is displayed as part of the nonwovens award. The jury chose this fiber because of its sustainable contribution to 100% recyclable nonwovens.

Beaulieu's new series of mono low branch fibers and BICO fibers are also on display, which set high performance standards for the rapidly growing air and liquid filtration market.

Visitors to the Beaulieu booth can also explore the company's new pilot line, which is designed to test joint development opportunities without risk& ldquo; The pilot production line provides the maximum flexibility to produce samples, which is not limited by the typical industrial production line. Different types of polymers and additives and different types of cross sections are used to replicate any type of staple fiber spinning technology, & rdquo; Beaulieu said.

In other respects, the company expressed its full commitment to integrating the United Nations sustainable development goals. This year, its three factories won the first sustainable business charter in 2021. From July, its two Belgian factories will use 100% green power. Further decarburization paths were also determined.


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