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10 million yuan! Hengan Group helped "Spring Bud Plan" in the third year




In the 10th  ldquo; International girls' Day; When it comes, October 11, & ldquo; Spring Bud Plan  rdquo; Peng Liyuan, special envoy for the promotion of girls' education, issued an initiative calling on everyone to take action and actively contribute to  ldquo; Spring Bud Plan  mdash mdash; Dream of the future & rdquo; Take action to promote the work and contribute.

On the same day, the all China Women's Federation and China children's fund held a  ldquo; Spring Bud Plan mdash mdash; Dream of the future  rdquo; At the action promotion meeting, Heng'an group responded to the call and donated 10 million yuan in cash and materials, which is the third consecutive year that Heng'an group has helped implement & ldquo; Spring Bud Plan  rdquo; project



Shen Yueyue, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and chairman of the all China Women's Federation, attended the meeting and stressed the need to adhere to the original mission, actively respond to initiatives, take action, gather love and good deeds, educate people for the party and the country, and help more girls realize their life dreams.

It is reported that in 2019, in ldquo; Spring Bud Plan  rdquo; On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of its implementation, the China children's fund proposed & ldquo; Spring Bud Plan  mdash mdash; Dream of the future  rdquo; Action, and by  ldquo; Spring Bud Plan rdquo; Peng Liyuan, special envoy for promoting girls' education, personally launched it. Over the past two years since the implementation of the project, 202000 girls have been directly funded through spring bud education, benefiting 4.03 million girls in different ways. It has made positive contributions to promoting the all-round development of girls, helping to win the battle against poverty and consolidating the achievements of poverty alleviation.

The promotion work plan will subsidize 500000 girls in the next five years and serve 25 million girls in other ways. Among them, Hengan Group will respond to UNICEF and participate in supporting  ldquo; Promote the development of girls' Education in Liangshan & rdquo; The project helps girls to establish a sense of self-reliance and self-improvement, develop civilized and healthy habits and obtain opportunities for brilliance in life.

As an enterprise shouldering social responsibility, Hengan Group is ready to support a blue sky for the flowers of the motherland at all times. As early as 2012, Hengan Group's seven dimensional brand launched  ldquo; Growing wings  rdquo; The menarche education for adolescent girls has covered millions of adolescent girls across the country and participated in the support  ldquo; Spring Bud program adolescent education project  rdquo;.

Pursue health and grow up with you and me. Hengan Group also calls on more enterprises to care about the healthy growth of girls and join hands with ldquo; Spring Bud Plan & rdquo; Take care of each  ldquo; Spring Bud  rdquo;, Bloom their glory and contribute to their better future.


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