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Do you believe the rumors about diapers?


Whenever the holiday season is near, there are many online and mom and pop stores that offer discounts, and many moms will take advantage of this opportunity to stock up on diapers for their babies. But when you stock up, you must be sure to check the shelf life and model to avoid hoarding too much to use! Although diapers are easy to use and save time and effort, there are still many rumors about diapers, what is the truth?


  1. Will diapers make babies become O-legged?

Some parents find that their babies' feet seem to be not quite straight after wearing diapers, and they think that the diapers cause their babies to become O-legged. The truth is that babies will have physiological inversion of the knee until they are 2 weeks old, which is a very normal phenomenon. When the baby grows up to 2 weeks old, the legs will naturally become straight, parents do not need to worry too much.


  1. Will diapers affect hip joint development?

New parents are not only worried that diapers will turn their babies into O-legged, but also worried that diapers will affect the development of hip joints. Because the diapers have a certain elasticity, they will not forcefully fix the baby's hip joint. As long as the diaper is used correctly, it will not affect the development of the hip joint.


  1. Will diapers affect babies' learning to go to the toilet?

The growth and development of different babies is different, the general baby can learn to control their own meaning and urine after the age of 2 years old, parents should also cooperate with the appropriate potty training, this is the correct way to let the baby learn to go to the toilet.Using diapers itself does not affect the baby's learning to go to the toilet.


  1. Do diapers have an effect on the fertility of male babies?

Some parents believe that putting diapers on their male babies will increase the temperature inside their scrotum, which will affect their babies' fertility in the future. In fact, diapers have ventilation holes both inside and outside, so they can breathe in time, not to mention that diapers will have an effect on male babies' fertility!


  1. Do diapers cause red farts in babies?

Actually, this statement is not true either! Improper use of baby diapers can cause red farts. As long as the baby to choose high quality, soft and breathable diapers, and frequently replaced, the baby will not appear red fart.


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