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Eliminate Illiteracy of Diaper Problem!


Q1、What is the physical structure of diapers? Will it be comfortable for babies to wear?

A Generally speaking, diapers are made up of 3 main parts: surface covering layer, absorbent core layer and backing fabric. The surface covering layer is close to the baby's body, which can make the urine penetrate quickly and prevent back seepage, keeping the surface layer of the diaper dry and cool. The breathable non-woven fabric currently used in the domestic market will make your baby feel soft and comfortable, and will enhance the breathability inside the diaper, so that water vapor, moisture and heat can be discharged to the outside of the diaper in time. The absorbent core layer can quickly absorb urine, disperse it or can spread it throughout the core layer by capillary action, and finally absorb and store it.


Q2、What should I do if my baby is allergic to wearing diapers?

A If your baby is allergic to diapers, you can consider cloth diapers. Alternatively, you can also consider changing the brand for your baby. Generally speaking, diapers of very good quality will have a smaller chance of causing skin allergies in babies.


Q3、What are the tips when changing diapers?

A When putting on the diaper, the back should be slightly higher than the abdomen, so that urine can be prevented from seeping out from the back. When baby wears diapers, if the mark on the adhesive prevails, the left and right sides should be fixed first, and then, remember to adjust the pleated edges of the waist and legs. This will prevent urine from seeping out and also prevent the ruffled edges from abrading the baby's delicate skin.


Q4、Does it need to wear diapers 24 hours a day?

A Of course not, because baby's little butt needs to breathe too. Whenever change baby's diaper, let baby lie down for a while or cuddle him after drying him with a cotton cloth. This way, baby's butt will have a chance to breathe. Of course, it should be reminded to ensure that the room temperature is appropriate, so that the baby does not catch a cold. And, at this time, there must be an adult to accompany, to ensure that "there is a situation" when the timely response.


Q5、How do I know it's time to change the diaper?

A Generally a diaper should not be used for more than 4 hours during the day. In case you cannot be sure, pay attention to the following times: 15-30 minutes after each feeding, your baby's urine is likely to be excreted; before going to bed, check if your baby's diaper is dry; after your baby wakes up from a nap, he or she will usually urinate; and before taking your baby out, check it. Alternatively, you can buy diapers with a wetness display.


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