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 Bearing Failure and Maintenance Points of Semi-automatic Sanitary Napkin Machine

Bearing is the key component of semi-automatic sanitary napkin equipment, and also the part that is prone to failure under high-intensity work, the operating condition of the bearing will have the most direct impact on the performance of semi-automatic sanitary napkin machine. Therefore, when overhauling the bearings, it is necessary to understand the frequent failures and causes of the bearings, analyze the operation status, principle, structure and daily maintenance of the bearings, clarify the bearing maintenance points and carry out effective maintenance.

 semi-automatic sanitary napkin machine

1. Semi-automatic sanitary napkin machine bearing frequent failures

(1) Bearing color change

semi-automatic sanitary napkin machine bearings in the high load labor state will be in a high-temperature operating condition, its own color may occur to become black and blue. The cause of this situation is not satisfied with adding lubricant in the bearing. In the bearing installation process, the inner ring or outer ring sliding friction will cause the bearing to wear in the working process, resulting in the seat hole and journal is not centered.

(2)The inner and outer rings of the bearing produce cracks

In the process of high-intensity operation, if the bearing quality is poor or the steel selected for the bearing itself has big problems, cracks will appear. In addition, if there is a huge external impact during installation and disassembly, or if there is an impact from hard objects, it will lead to the cracking of the bearing.

(3)During operation, if the sealing device fails, which causes some external liquid to enter the bearing, thus leading to bearing corrosion, which leads to bearing corrosion.

(4)The ball is broken and the raceway is pitted

As the middle distance reserved during the installation of the bearing ball does not meet the requirements, it is easy to be greatly affected during the operation. If some hard objects, such as iron filings mixed in the lubricant, the balls in the bearing will be destroyed. In addition, if the bearing lubrication treatment is not in place, the raceway friction is larger, and also the raceway pitting will appear.

(5) Bearing efficiency decreases

semi-automatic sanitary napkin machine bearing running flexibility is reduced, can not be easily turned by hand, most of them are because the cleanup work is not done, resulting in journal and inner and outer ring with insufficient pore space, resulting in semi-automatic sanitary napkin machine bearing deformation, the The operation efficiency decreases.

2. Semi-automatic sanitary napkin machine bearing maintenance points

Strengthen bearing maintenance

Summarize the maintenance process of semi-automatic sanitary napkin machine. Maintenance personnel should first clean the bearings, and then carry out other checks to ensure that subsequent maintenance work does not damage the bearings. In addition, the normal operation and failure records of the previous bearings should be made. When cleaning, firstly put the removed bearing on the metal network, choose suitable brushes and other tools to clean the debris and grease attached around the bearing, carefully observe the damage of the bearing, make records in time and replace the new bearing.

Make good bearing lubricant addition

Bearings are precision parts affected by different seasons and regional climate conditions. Therefore, maintenance personnel should carry out maintenance according to changes in air humidity and temperature. Use lubricant regularly, control the quantity and quality of lubrication in the oil pool of the pressure lubrication system, ensure sufficient oil supply to the pressure lubrication system, ensure the quality of lubricant, and check the lubrication status of the semi-automatic sanitary napkin machine bearings regularly.


Bearing is a fixed part. In the operation of semi-automatic sanitary napkin machine equipment, it is an important part to ensure the operation of mechanical equipment. Staff need to strengthen the routine maintenance and maintenance of bearings, summarize the common types of failures and solutions.


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