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A Few Basic Questions in the Diagnosis of Extra Length Overnight Sanitary Napkin Equipment



With the development of China's extra length overnight sanitary napkin equipment industry and its broad application prospects, it has occupied an important industrial position in China. However, due to its own characteristics, the equipment should operate with high intensity for a long time, so it is necessary to diagnose the machinery and equipment regularly. However, the operating environment of the extended night sanitary napkin machinery is very harsh, how to improve the safety of diagnosis has become an important issue.

extra length overnight sanitary napkin equipment

1. Lengthening night sanitary napkin machinery diagnosis process may appear in the risk factors


(1) Risk factors: high-temperature operation

As part of the lengthening night sanitary napkin equipment in the operation process must be calcined at high temperatures before continuing to put into use, so the lengthening night sanitary napkin machinery industry can not be separated from the flame, even from the high-temperature calciner, so the decomposition of raw materials produced by industrial waste residue may become a new substance, not only because it is an industrial waste residue, and small particles, uneven distribution, lengthening night sanitary napkin machinery at any time may An explosion or fire accident may occur, which may be due to its flammable and explosive nature. All flammable and explosive substances are present within 10 meters around the point of ignition. If not moved to a safe place, fire and explosion accidents can easily occur.

(2) The risk factors of entering restricted space operations

The reaction of some lengthening night sanitary napkin machines is often in a closed environment because of the isolation of oxygen in the air to prevent re-oxidation of substances produced by decomposition, or the relatively inactive gases in the air may also react with the production process to produce substances that are not easily decomposed, and the complex and dense pipes connecting the equipment to each other. If the operation is improper, confine yourself in a closed space. Without the accompaniment of other diagnostic personnel, it can cause the risk of oxygen deprivation or even asphyxiation.



2. Specific measures for the diagnosis of mechanical equipment for elongated night sanitary napkins


(1) Preparation before diagnosis

For lengthening night sanitary napkin machinery operating enterprises, when ordering diagnostic personnel to officially enter the site, should first clarify the assignment of tasks, and then assign diagnostic equipment, before assigning diagnostic equipment, components, spare parts and quality assurance can be assigned to each diagnostic personnel.


After these tasks are done, a thorough and detailed diagnosis of the diagnostic personnel should be carried out, with the aim of removing any items carried by the inspectors that may cause other unrelated reactions in the mechanical production site, such as lighters and other dangerous items. Diagnostic personnel related safety equipment, such as safety clothing, safety masks, oxygen cylinders, helmets, etc., can only be distributed after the diagnosis.


(2) Safety management in the process of diagnosis

In the process of diagnosis first of all, it is necessary to ensure that the extension night sanitary napkin machinery are in the shutdown state, once there is equipment in the operating state, the consequences will be unimaginable. In addition to turning off the power, there are many factors to consider, such as whether the internal conveyor belt is disassembled and whether the fuse is safely removed.



The diagnostic process of extended night sanitary napkin machinery often has an extremely demanding test for the diagnostician, because the slightest omission is likely to cause extremely dangerous problems. Therefore, not only require companies to conduct comprehensive training of construction personnel, but also require diagnostic personnel with good on-site resilience. Therefore, the diagnosticians will make a great contribution to the future booming development of extended night sanitary napkin machinery.


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