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Classification of SAP Powder Preparation Materials

SAP powder is a new polymer material with excellent water absorption and water retention. Its application field has expanded from the initial soil improvement to personal care products, industrial production and other fields, and is still expanding. According to the source, this paper briefly introduces the types of super absorbent polymer preparation materials.

SAP powder

1.Preparation of SAP powder from natural polymer hydrophilic materials

Natural hydrophilic materials generally take chitosan, starch, cellulose and biological glue as the main raw materials. These natural materials are chemically modified and then polymerized to improve the water absorption and water retention of these natural materials. The advantage of this kind of raw material is that the raw material is cheap, easy to obtain, sufficient resources and renewable; The disadvantage is that the prepared material is natural, the stability of the prepared SAP powder is relatively poor, the water retention needs to be improved, and it is easy to be degraded by microorganisms in the process of use, which greatly affects its service life in the natural environment.


2.SAP powder was prepared by synthesizing polymer hydrophilic materials

Polymer hydrophilic materials in petrochemical industry mainly include polyacrylic acid, polyacrylamide, copolymer of acrylic acid and acrylamide, copolymer of acrylic acid and acrylonitrile, polyvinyl alcohol, polyaspartic acid and polyethylene glycol. Compared with natural polymer materials, this material has a simple preparation process, the prepared material has good water absorption and water retention, and the service life of the material is better than SAP powder prepared from natural polymer materials. But at the same time, the price of such raw materials is higher, which is non renewable energy, and such raw materials may have a certain impact on the environment in the production process.

super absorbent polymer

3.Preparation of SAP powder by graft copolymerization of natural biomass and synthetic polymer

Natural biomass mainly refers to some crop straw, potato waste residue, sugarcane waste residue and biological waste (such as leather). These natural biomass are used as raw materials for preparation, and petrochemical products are used as preparation monomers (such as AA, am, an, etc.) for graft copolymerization on the surface of natural biomass. This preparation method makes full use of some biomass waste materials. Moreover, the prepared SAP powder takes into account the advantages of both, has degradability, solves the harm of petrochemical products to the environment due to non degradability, improves the poor water absorption and water retention and weak recycling of natural polymers, and has excellent water absorption and water retention and long service life.


SAP powder has important application prospects in many industries such as medical and health care, agriculture and horticulture because of its excellent water absorption and water retention. Understanding the classification of super absorbent polymer is conducive to further understanding this kind of new materials.


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