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How to Choose and Buy Baby Diaper

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In daily life, mothers often use wet tissue for their babies. Compared with adult wipes, baby diaper has higher requirements. Starting with the use of wet wipes, this paper puts forward some suggestions for purchase.



1.Wipe baby’s ass with baby diaper

After the baby goes to the toilet, wiping his buttocks with a wet towel is convenient and hygienic. Otherwise, washing with water will easily catch a cold and cause trouble

How to choose baby diaper:

The baby's skin is extremely delicate, and the buttocks are more sensitive, so we must choose a formula without additives and spices, which has a soft and delicate touch, and is made of non-woven fabric made of wood pulp based on FSC environmental protection certification. Bacteriostasis must also be considered. At the time of purchase, you can check whether the product has a test report issued by a professional testing institution to inhibit E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, fungi and other microorganisms.


2.Wipe baby’s mouth with baby diaper

As babies grow up day by day, they are willing to eat by themselves. In this way, you will inevitably make a mess of yourself. After eating, their mouths and faces are like kittens. No problem. Wipes can help.

How to choose baby diaper:

Remind mothers that the wipes used to wipe the baby's mouth must be carefully selected. Since this kind of wipes will often contact the parts around the baby's mouth, we must choose to pass the skin irritation test and oral mucosa irritation test. The safe baby's special hand and mouth wipes cannot contain alcohol, fluorescent agents, preservatives and other harmful substances.

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3.Wipe baby’s body with baby diaper

When playing outdoors, babies in sports will sweat a lot. It is inevitable that their hands and bodies are stained with dirt. The mother doesn't need to interrupt the baby's happiness because she is afraid of getting dirty. Just wipe them with a wet towel.

How to choose baby diaper:

Wet tissue that touch the baby's body must choose natural and comprehensive materials that are soft and close to the skin and not rough. It has tensile property, is not easy to deform, and will not loose and fall flocs, which can effectively avoid residues that are easy to breed bacteria.


4.Wipe baby’s hands with baby diaper

Taking your baby out to dinner will be limited by conditions, which may be inconvenient to wash your baby's hands well. At this time, carefully wipe the "little hands touched everywhere" with your hand-held wipes

How to choose baby diaper:

You know what? The "water" in wet tissue is very important. The "water" contained in good wipes must be specially treated, otherwise bacteria will grow. Good wipes are marked by EDI purified water (removing ionic impurities in the water) and weak pH (close to baby's delicate skin). Mothers must recognize these when buying wipes for babies.

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For mothers, baby diaper has become a good helper, but infants have high requirements for the quality of supplies. Therefore, when purchasing wet wipes, we should pay attention to the above points.


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