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Development Direction of Spunlace Non Woven Complete Equipment and Technology

In recent years, the global spunlace non woven industry has developed rapidly. Because spunlace non woven fabric has the characteristics of soft touch, high fluffy, good moisture absorption and permeability, recyclability and so on, its application scope continues to expand, and it has become the fastest-growing variety in the industry. This paper looks forward to the development direction of its complete set of equipment and technology.



1.Improve the production capacity of spunlace non woven and reduce energy consumption

Carding machine is the most important factor that affects the production speed and output of direct laying spunlace non woven. The transfer and transportation of fiber mesh, the suction negative pressure of spunlace and the drying capacity of dryer are also the main factors affecting the increase of output. The network access speed of the cross laying machine is the most important factor affecting its production speed and output. Because it is reinforced according to the water spurs, the fibers between the fiber nets are cluttered with each other, and then the moisture in the fiber nets needs to be dried to facilitate the next step. Therefore, the greater the spunlace pressure, the more unscientific the moisture drying process, and the greater the energy consumption. Water drying methods include direct combustion drying and indirect heat transfer oil drying, which can reuse the waste heat of drying to reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency.


2.Reduce cloth defects of spunlace non woven

Spunlace process parameters affect the quality and performance of spunlace non woven, such as water needle pressure, water needle diameter, water needle sorting density, the distance between water outlet and fiber web, the configuration of roller and plate, network transmission speed, water quality of spunlace water, etc. If the basic parameters of spunlace process are set improperly, it is easy to cause quality defects of cloth surface, such as water needle, neps, cloud spots, defects, etc. Therefore, a variety of instruments must be used together, such as moisture detector, surface density detector, stain detector, metal detector, etc., to ensure the stability of product quality.

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3.Improve the automatic control level of spunlace non woven production line

With the development of society, labor costs are gradually increasing, and recruitment is difficult, especially for heavy manual labor positions. In addition, if there is too much manual intervention in the production process, it will affect the stability of product quality and is not conducive to the continuous operation of the production line. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the automatic control level of the production line. At present, the automatic control of spunlace non woven production line mainly includes:

(1) The whole process of "raw material warehouse → Spunlaced wire → Slitter → packaging equipment → finished product warehouse" is automated.

(2) Open and clean the equipment, and carry out automatic continuous control between the return air of the carding machine and the dust removal unit.

(3) It automatically controls the water supply, negative pressure suction, fresh water supply, etc. of the water circulation system, and is connected with the spunlace machine.

(4) Automatically control the gas supply between the air compressor and the gas consumption points of the opening and cleaning equipment, carding machine, spunlace machine, winding machine, etc.

(5) Automatically adjust and control the temperature in the drying room of the circular mesh dryer.


4.Perform CE and other safety certification standards for spunlace non woven equipment,and meet the requirements of environmental protection standards

It is confirmed that the equipment of spunlace non woven is safe and reliable. Detection devices, emergency stop switches and protective devices are set in many places to meet the requirements of CE and other safety certification standards, improve work efficiency and minimize various accidents.

Equipped with dust removal unit, the dust content of filtered air should be ≤ 0.75mg/ m3, meeting the provisions of gbz1-2010 hygienic standard for the design of industrial enterprises; All indicators of wastewater discharged after long-term recycling should meet the discharge standard requirements.

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As China increases its investment in environmental protection and health care, the huge domestic demand market is the biggest driving force for the growth of spunlace non woven industry. The reform will accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the spunlace non woven fabric industry, speed up the updating of advanced equipment and processes, and speed up technological reform and the development of new products.


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