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Current Situation of Non Woven Fabric in China

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With the development of economy, non woven fabric has been widely used in all regions, industries and people's daily life. This paper briefly introduces the current situation of non woven in China.



1.Non woven fabric develops rapidly and is widely used

Due to the rapid development of non woven fabric industry, it is regarded as a sunrise industry in the new era by most economists and entrepreneurs. According to the survey and analysis of China Industrial Textiles Industry Association, the total output value of non woven in China shows an increasing trend year by year, and the total output value has ranked first in Asia. In the process of its production and development, synthetic fibers have significant advantages. The use of new environmental protection materials and the penetration of high and new technologies are fully reflected in the development of its industry, and their roles have also been brought into full play. At the same time, it has been widely used in all levels of society, all economic fields and all walks of life, especially in the construction industry, clothing industry, medical industry, environmental protection industry and other fields. In addition, its application in the health industry, especially in health products, is increasing, creating new development space for medical textiles, clothing textiles and other fields, and forming its competitive advantage of high added value and high economic benefits.

non woven fabric

2.The production process of non woven fabric is gradually mature

In terms of the current development situation of non woven fabric in China, its production line is growing rapidly, and the production process is constantly maturing and improving in the process of production and development. At present, advanced production processes such as melt blown fabric production line, spunbonded fabric production line, needle punched fabric production line and Spunlaced fabric production line have been formed in China. At the same time, large-scale and efficient production lines actually mean the continuous improvement and improvement of China's production capacity. According to relevant personnel, at present, China has signed formal contracts with a number of overseas advanced production enterprises. On the premise of properly introducing advanced materials such as filter materials, composite materials and artificial leather base cloth, it has successfully enriched China's production varieties and improved the quality and grade of China's production. To a large extent, the quality of production equipment directly determines the level of production capacity and production efficiency. In terms of the current productivity of non woven fabric in China, the production equipment is still mainly domestic. Although the production efficiency may be relatively low in the world, the use of domestic equipment can effectively reduce production input and production costs, which is conducive to further improving the market competitiveness of the company and improving the economic benefits of the whole production process.


3.Production distribution characteristics of non woven fabrics in China

Compared with other provinces, Guangdong is the main production, sales and application base of non woven fabrics in China. In this region, the production enterprises of disposable sanitary materials, industrial materials and spunbonded fabrics rank first in China in terms of production scale, product quality and output, or import and export trade volume. In this region, it has certain advantages in the research and development of related products and the introduction of advanced equipment. The overall production scale of disposable medical supplies, sanitary pants, suits and other related products is large, the product quality is qualified, and the level is high, which has been exported to all parts of the world. Although the region has made some achievements in the non woven fabric industry, it is still in the process of continuous development and improvement. At the same time, many regions led by Jiangsu and Zhejiang are also competing to launch new production lines, committed to the continuous research and development of relevant high-tech and high-tech products.

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In general, non woven fabric has gradually become an emerging industry in the global market, and China has also made some achievements in the production and development of its related industries. Looking forward to the future development trend of non woven in China, it is necessary to expand the corresponding market.


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