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Operation Problems and Maintenance Methods of Panty Liner Equipment

With the rapid development of economy in recent years, the application of panty liner equipment is more and more widespread, which directly affects the production progress and quality of enterprises. However, during the operation of production machinery and equipment, problems are inevitable. Therefore, the improvement of the maintenance level of panty liner machine not only reduces the maintenance cost, but also provides favorable conditions for the normal operation of the enterprise.



1.Wear and tear of panty liner equipment and treatment

As an expendable and significant product, panty liner equipment will cause certain damage to machinery and equipment in both operating and non-operating states, resulting in a decline in the performance of machinery and equipment. Equipment wear and tear is divided into two types: tangible wear and invisible wear.

(1) Tangible wear. Tangible wear and tear refers to the wear and tear caused by mechanical equipment in the process of work.

(2) Invisible wear. Intangible wear refers to the aging and rusting of mechanical equipment due to environmental factors such as external area, climate and hydrology. Therefore, under normal circumstances, first of all, the best way to deal with mechanical equipment that cannot be put into production is to replace the equipment. Of course, the replacement of equipment means that the enterprise's fixed assets expenditure will increase and the production cost will also increase to some extent.

(3) It is the maintenance of machinery and equipment that are still in production. Although there will be a certain degree of wear and tear, the production cost of machinery and equipment is lower, which is one of the necessary measures to reduce the production cost of enterprises.


2.Maintenance methods of panty liner equipment

As far as the current maintenance of panty liner equipment is concerned, it is mainly carried out in the following three ways.

(1) Periodic maintenance. Periodic maintenance mainly for some wear time and wear degree of relatively uniform mechanical equipment, because the equipment in use after a certain period of time, according to the degree of mechanical wear control maintenance time, with a certain periodicity characteristics.

(2) Condition maintenance. Condition maintenance is usually another way of saying advance maintenance, and it is also the most common maintenance method applied by major enterprises. Prior to condition maintenance, regular routine maintenance of machinery and equipment is carried out according to the actual use of the equipment through data and the working experience of maintenance personnel, maintenance data is recorded, possible failures are predicted and analyzed, and then effective measures to further reduce the failure rate are proposed.

(3) After-the-fact maintenance. After-the-fact maintenance refers to a way of repairing machinery and equipment by enterprises, i.e., a series of maintenance activities based on the failure problem after the failure of machinery and equipment. Of course, after-the-fact maintenance has obvious characteristics of suddenness. Although it is not possible to develop a maintenance plan for machinery and equipment, the efficiency of this maintenance method is necessary to ensure the normal operation of machinery.


The level of panty liner equipment maintenance can, to a certain extent, directly affect the sustainable development of the enterprise. However, the wear and tear of machinery and equipment has always been an inevitable problem in machinery maintenance. Therefore, the maintenance problems and methods of production machinery and equipment should be targeted. At the same time, it is hoped that the level of equipment management personnel can be improved.


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