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Post Processing Technology of Medical Non Woven Mask

With the outbreak of the COVID-19, a variety of medical protective articles are in short supply. Medical non woven mask is one of them. This paper introduces the post-processing technology of medical mask in order to provide help for mask production and research.



1.Antibacterial technology of medical non woven mask

Majchrzycka K and other studies have shown that the viability of microorganisms on traditional medical non woven mask materials, such as spunbonded cloth, melt blown cloth and needle punched cloth, is not related to the type of nonwovens, but related to their own varieties. Improving the antibacterial ability of materials mainly starts from two aspects: fiber raw materials and finishing. At present, post-treatment is generally used to improve the antibacterial performance of medical mask, such as antibacterial agent or antibacterial microcapsule for antibacterial treatment of base cloth. Jia Fang et al. Used natural antibacterial agent chitosan to finish non-woven materials, and used the positive charge of chitosan to destroy bacterial proteins and inactivate them. Antibacterial agents with the same antibacterial mechanism also include modified quaternary ammonium salt antibacterial agents. In addition, microcapsule technology can be used to make antibacterial substances into spherical microcapsules to carry out antibacterial treatment on the non-woven fabric of masks to improve its antibacterial performance.

medical non woven mask

2.Anti sputtering technology of medical non woven mask

Medical protective masks and medical surgical masks need to have certain splash resistance. The finer the fiber, the smaller the pores of the mask material, the stronger the anti blood permeability, but the permeability will be reduced. Therefore, in the actual anti sputter finishing, it is necessary to balance the air permeability and liquid repellency. Anti sputtering treatment includes water, oil, alcohol, blood and body fluids. Commonly used finishing agents include fluorocarbons and C8 fluorocarbon finishing agents. The finished material has good water repellent, oil repellent and antifouling effects, but C8 fluorine finishing agent will produce substances harmful to human body. At present, fluorine-free finishing agent is a development trend. Qi Guorui and others used RuCo dry eco fluoride free water repellent finishing agent to finish the low areal density Spunlaced cloth through the spray device, and obtained a single-sided moisture conductive surface sanitary material, which is expected to be used in medical non woven mask.

medical mask

Respiratory droplet transmission and contact transmission are the main transmission routes of COVID-19. Therefore, the demand for medical non woven mask has increased sharply. However, many enterprises that increase production of masks at the call of the government lack understanding of the raw materials, production process and post-treatment technology of Nonwovens for masks. Therefore, this paper briefly introduces the post-processing technology of medical mask.


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