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Protective Face Mask Appearance Personalized Development Analysis

As a kind of personal protective equipment, protective face mask plays an extremely important role in preventing the spread of virus and the health of users. But at the same time, as a fast-moving product, businesses often ignore its appearance design, resulting in the uniform style and shape of masks on the market. This paper analyzes the personalized development of the appearance of disposable mask.



1.Modeling application of protective face mask

According to the style classification, it is generally divided into flat masks, folding masks and cup masks; According to the wearing type, it can be divided into head worn masks, ear worn masks and neck worn masks. The protective face mask can be deconstructed and the modeling structure can be changed by using garment technology skills such as darting and folding. In addition, different materials and their thickness bring different visual appearance. In the future, various shapes and creative masks will lead the trend as fashion items. As an important part of mask, the shape of mask belt cannot be ignored. The mask belt can adopt buckle type and Velcro type, which is convenient to adjust according to the size of individual head. Compared with the conventional elastic ear belt, it can alleviate the pain of ear stress, and can use materials such as chains, ribbons and belts to enrich the types of modeling styles.

protective face mask

2.Color application of protective face mask

The protective face mask in the market is mainly blue, white, pink and black, and the color is too single. In addition, it is easy to produce visual aesthetic fatigue when worn by the masses in a wide range. As one of the three elements of product design, color should not only be suitable for product characteristics, but also meet the preferences of consumers, but also cater to the environmental atmosphere. For example, choose masks of different colors according to seasons, holidays and other factors: hot summer, choose cold colors, cold winter, choose warm colors, and use visual senses to adjust the temperature; On holidays such as Spring Festival and national day, wearing a red respirator will have a more atmosphere. In addition, the combination of color transformation such as color gradient and color collision can effectively improve the face value of masks, enrich their types, and increase their selectivity.


3.Pattern application of protective face mask

The application of patterns can extract style elements according to different themes, such as national style elements, national elements, trend elements, etc. on the basis of not affecting the quality and protective performance of masks, master the basic rules of patterns and formal beauty methods to carry out secondary creation of masks. For example, the national style element mask can be integrated with crane, auspicious cloud, facial spectrum and other patterns with Chinese characteristics; Ethnic element masks can be decorated with unique patterns; Fashion element masks can be displayed by means of letter graffiti, spray painting, etc. In addition, you can choose to use embroidery, hollowing out, tie dyeing and other techniques to enrich the presentation form of the pattern, and then reflect the artistic design sense of the mask.

disposable mask

With the improvement of people's quality of life, people's functional needs for protective face mask are also increasing. In order to enhance consumers' sense of consumption experience, businesses should not be limited to the protective effect of disposable mask, but also need to meet their aesthetic needs.


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