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Key Development Direction of Non Woven Machinery Standardization

The market is the basis of standardization. The rapid development of China's non woven machinery industry needs the support of technical standards. According to the current situation of non woven fabric machinery standards in China, this paper puts forward the key development direction of future work.



1.Enrich and improve the standard system of non woven machinery

With the acceleration of market integration at home and abroad and the enhancement of China's comprehensive strength, the trade of non woven machinery at home and abroad will be further expanded. It is common for foreign companies to invest and build factories in China and for China to invest and build factories in foreign countries. It is an important task for the current standardization work to enrich and improve China's existing machinery standards and technical standard system and make it comply with international technical regulations and technical standards, as the technical foundation to support the development of the industry.


2.Strengthen the formulation of standards for non woven mechanical parts

With the continuous deepening of China's market economy and the socialization of the industrial field, there will be more and more international supporting facilities. Professional production ensures the quality of special parts, but at the same time, it leads to the variety, specification and level difference of relevant functional parts. This is not only not conducive to the purchase of users, but also limits the development and industrialization of non woven machinery. Through the establishment of mechanical standard system, it is of great significance to establish and improve the standard of mechanical parts in line with the national situation as soon as possible, which has important norms and guiding significance for the production and development of mechanical parts.

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3.Pay attention to the development of technical standards for non woven composite process equipment

In the production process of non woven, the composite technologies of wet netting and carding netting, spunbonded netting and needling consolidation, spunbonded netting and spunbonded consolidation have developed rapidly in recent years, expanding their application fields. However, because the industrialization of these products needs to be further improved, no corresponding technical standards can be formulated as support. It is also an important standardization task to formulate relevant standards and norms as soon as possible through further investigation, research and verification.


4.Pay attention to the formulation and implementation of non woven mechanical energy consumption standards

The energy consumption caused by the rapid development of non woven machinery cannot be ignored. We should promote the development of machinery towards green manufacturing through the development of standards. Show a scientific, sustainable and people-oriented development strategy in product design, manufacturing and user service, improve energy utilization, strengthen energy conservation and emission reduction, and take the road of green manufacturing. This is not only the need to deal with future trade barriers, but also the only way for the scientific development of China's non woven fabric machinery industry.

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The basis of standards is the market. In recent years, China's non woven industry has maintained a good trend of rapid growth, and enterprises are very enthusiastic about participating in the development of standards. The formulation of standards is not only a matter of interest, but also a means to promote the development of industrial technology. It is also the fulcrum to promote the technological progress of non woven fabric industry and enhance the development of the industry.


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Dalibor Hajdinjak