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On the Personalized Development Direction of Protective Face Mask

In recent years, due to the impact of air pollution and the COVID-19, protective face mask has become a necessity of life. In order to meet the personalized needs of consumers, this paper analyzes the function, specification and appearance of disposable mask, and provides some reference for its diversified development and innovative design.



1.Functional personalization of protective face mask

The development and innovation of protective face mask function can not only meet the actual needs of specific groups, but also help to reduce the inconvenience caused by wearing. According to the needs of users for their functions, a variety of masks, such as anti haze masks, anti ultraviolet masks, activated carbon masks, etc., have been developed and applied in daily life. In order to realize the personalized development of its functions, it is necessary to continuously improve the protection level and functions of masks, and promote them to move towards multi-functional composite, intelligent technology and other directions.

protective face mask

2.Specification personalization of protective face mask

The tightness between the mask and the face affects the leakage rate and filtration efficiency of the mask. However, at present, the size of masks on the market is difficult to meet the needs of various face types. Due to the improper wearing of masks, the protective effect of masks is greatly reduced. Therefore, it is very necessary to set the serial size of protective face mask. In addition, in order to effectively reduce the impact of head shape and face shape, mask design should integrate the main parameters of head shape and face shape of Chinese people.


3.Personalized appearance of protective face mask

As a fast selling product, merchants often ignore the appearance design of protective face mask, resulting in the uniform style and shape of masks on the market.In order to enhance customers' sense of consumption experience, it is not only limited to the protective effect of masks, but also needs to meet consumers' aesthetic needs. Consider improving the style and modeling of innovative masks, increasing the application design of colors and patterns, and highlight the decorative role of masks as clothing accessories without affecting the basic requirements such as the quality of masks, so as to make them more fashionable and aesthetic.

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Protective face mask plays a very important role in preventing virus transmission and protecting people's health. With people's continuous pursuit of quality of life, the functional requirements of disposable mask are also increasing. In the future, the personalized development trend of masks is irresistible.


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Dalibor Hajdinjak