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Recommended Measures for Non Medical Protective Mask

During the COVID-19, non medical protective mask plays a vital role in health protection and infection control. However, the data shows that the quality problems of non medical mask still exist, mainly reflected in the substandard filtering efficiency and protective effect. This paper puts forward some suggestions on its quality problems.



1.Non medical protective mask and government departments

First of all, government departments should sort out the relevant standards of non medical protective mask, clarify the signs such as mask type, applicable age and applicable environment, further clarify the minimum requirements for key indicators such as filtration efficiency, respiratory resistance and pollutant residue, eliminate enterprise standards lower than the national mandatory standards, strengthen the benchmarking management of self declared enterprise standards, and prevent enterprises from producing according to self declared low standards or non-standard production. Secondly, government regulators should strengthen supervision and random inspection. Timely notify the enterprises of the unqualified products found in the supervision and random inspection, speed up the treatment of all links, and prevent the problematic products from entering the market and endangering the personal health of consumers.


2.Non medical protective mask and manufacturers

First of all, manufacturers of non medical protective mask should establish and standardize the production management system of masks, use qualified and mature production equipment, strengthen the quality control of raw and auxiliary materials, establish and implement the purchase acceptance system, mark products and packaging information in strict accordance with the standards, strengthen the professional education of employees, and establish a training mechanism. Secondly, invest some funds to strengthen the echelon training of talents, speed up technological development and improve technological level.

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3.Non medical protective mask and testing organization

Non medical protective mask testing institutions should increase the requirements for the unification of testing quality. For example, the standard samples of more items should be formulated, and the range of test parameter results of the standard samples should not be too large. The ability, verification strength and frequency of mask test items should be improved, so as to solve the problem of large differences in test results between different test institutions.


4.Non medical protective mask and consumers

Consumers should buy regular and appropriate non medical protective masks. First of all, consumers should carefully observe whether there is a trademark and Chinese factory name and address on the product or package, whether there is a standard number and filter grade. Secondly, the appearance of the mask can directly judge whether the structure of the melt blown cloth is tight. Qualified masks are almost opaque. Many inferior masks that do not contain melt blown cloth or less melt blown cloth have high light transmittance, and the difference is obvious under the same light source.

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According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, in recent years, people wear masks more and more frequently every day, and masks have become an indispensable necessity in people's daily life. In order to provide ideas for the stable development of non medical protective mask industry, this paper puts forward suggestions on the current quality problems of non medical mask.


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