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Main Types of Non Woven for Medical and Health Use

Non woven can filter dust and other small particles, and block bacteria and viruses. Therefore, it is widely used in the field of medical and health care. This paper briefly introduces the main types of non woven fabrics used in the medical and health field.



1.Spinning sticky non woven

Spinning sticky non woven has good strength, but the fiber is relatively thick, so the barrier property is relatively poor. With the development of research, two-component spinning method makes up for this defect to a certain extent. The structure of bicomponent fiber is mainly orange petal type and island type, and its fiber opening methods include machinery, chemistry, damp heat, etc. Among them, the orange petal bicomponent fiber is mainly Spunlaced, which has short process flow, fast production speed, no pollution and good tear resistance. However, in order to break up the internal fiber, the water needle pressure is large, so the requirements for production equipment are high. With the increase of fiber opening rate, the permeability of nonwovens decreases. Alkali fiber opening will cause great damage to the fiber, so the setting of process parameters is the key. In addition, by adding various functional masterbatches, such as antibacterial masterbatch and antistatic masterbatch, in the spinning bonding process, a variety of properties of spinning bonded nonwovens can be given.

non woven

2.SMS non woven

SMS non woven combines the characteristics of spunbonded nonwovens and melt blown nonwovens. It has good filtration, barrier and strength, and has been widely used in the field of medical and health care. The production lines of SMS Nonwovens are diversified, and the preparation process is relatively mature. Most of them adopt post-treatment methods to make SMS Nonwovens have a variety of properties.

At present, SMS Nonwovens used in medical and health care are gradually developing in the direction of multi-function and high performance, and most of them adopt post-treatment methods. A few literatures also mentioned adding functional masterbatches to polymer chips. In addition, although silver antibacterial agents have excellent antibacterial effect, its safety remains to be discussed.


3.Flash non woven

Flash spinning is a new spinning process. It uses polypropylene and other structured polymers as raw materials and organic solvents as solvents. After mixing, it is dissolved into spinning stock solution under high temperature and high pressure, and then ejected from the spinneret hole. At the same time of curing and stretching, the solvent volatilizes to make ultra-fine fibers. The fineness and strength of this fiber are better than those obtained by melt blown spinning process. Flash non woven has barrier, permeability and other properties, good mechanical properties, and has great application potential in the field of medical and health care. However, the current flash technology is not perfect, there are still difficulties, and the cost is relatively high, which needs further research.

non woven fabric

At present, non woven has been widely used in the field of medical and health care based on its characteristics. With the development and progress of society and the improvement of its production technology, non woven fabric will be more and more widely used in various fields.


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