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Development Trend of Superabsorbent Fiber

As a kind of functional fiber, superabsorbent fiber expands the application of superabsorbent resin. It has the characteristics of large water absorption area, fast water absorption rate and good mechanical properties. Since its inception, it has been concerned by the market and scholars, and related research has emerged in endlessly. But at present, its performance and R & D achievements are still difficult to meet the market demand. Based on this, this paper puts forward the development trend of this kind of macromolecular material.



1.Optimize the raw materials and process of superabsorbent fiber

At present, the raw material of superabsorbent fiber is mainly acrylic acid, which is easy to obtain, low cost, simple process and good water absorption performance. However, there are some non reactive monomers in the manufacturing process of acrylic acid, which makes it difficult to achieve cleaner production and zero emissions. Therefore, in the current environment of strict national environmental protection policies, it is necessary to vigorously develop green, natural and degradable raw materials, or modify existing raw materials, so that their production can meet the requirements of green environmental protection.

Optimization of production process: it is generally produced by wet or dry wet spinning process and requires crosslinking, but the current production is generally difficult to achieve simultaneous crosslinking during spinning. Therefore, the production process is long and energy consumption is large. It is necessary to innovate the production process, reduce production costs, improve production efficiency and realize green and low-carbon production.

superabsorbent fiber

2.Improve the performance of superabsorbent fiber products

Although superabsorbent fiber has good water absorption and water retention, in the wet state or saturated water absorption state, the fiber presents a gel shape, the strength is significantly reduced, and it is difficult to further process. In addition, after many times of water absorption and loss, the performance indicators of the fiber are seriously lost. Therefore, one of the focuses of future research and development is to deeply study its water absorption and water retention theory, so as to improve the dry and wet strength and service life of fibers on the premise of ensuring water absorption and water retention.


3.Develop functional composite fibers of superabsorbent fiber

The development of functional composite fibers has always been a hot spot in the field of fiber research and development. By combining superabsorbent fiber with other functional materials, it can have various excellent properties. For example, the development of super absorbent drug carrying fibers can be used for wound healing, hemostasis, treatment of affected areas, etc., especially in the field of ulcer, burn, bedsore and other high exudate care; Adding organic or inorganic materials to the spinning solution can improve the water absorption, heat resistance, strength, adsorption and biocompatibility of the fiber.

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superabsorbent fiber is a new type of functional macromolecular material. It has the vappearance and processing properties of textile fibers. Moreover, it has strong water absorption and water retention, and still maintains high strength after water absorption. It has obvious advantages and is widely used. However, its domestic development is still relatively backward, and it is difficult to meet market demand. Therefore, its research and development is of great significance to the industrialization and technological progress of water absorbent materials in China.


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