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Production Process of Non Woven in Sanitary Products

This paper introduces the production process of non woven fabrics used in disposable sanitary products. With the development of nonwoven technology and the needs of society, non woven fabrics will be more and more widely used in the field of sanitation.



1.Production technology of spunbonded non woven

There are three kinds of spinning melt non woven, including spunbond, meltblow and spunmelt non woven. At present, they are among the nonwovens with the fastest development, the highest production efficiency and the largest proportion of output.

The spunbonded nonwovens production line can have multiple spinning units, and the fiber web formed by each spinning unit is "laminated composite" in the web forming machine. S, SS, SSS and SSSS products can be formed according to the number of spinning systems. This multi-layer composite product has good uniformity and coverage, and is widely used in sanitary products.

The spunbonded / melt blown composite (SMS) nonwovens production line is composed of multiple spunbonded systems and melt blown systems arranged and combined. It integrates the wear resistance, high strength of spunbonded layer and the barrier advantages of melt blown layer, and has been widely used in the field of disposable sanitary products.

non woven

2.Production technology of non woven by hot air method

The biggest feature of hot air non woven is its fluffy feeling, which brings good touch and comfort to consumers. It is increasingly used in the surface layer and guide layer of high-end disposable sanitary products.


3.Production technology of spunlaced non woven

Spunlaced non woven is a kind of non woven material that has developed rapidly after spunbonded and hot air non woven. Spunlaced fabric is also combed into a net with short fibers, but in the consolidation process of the fiber net, high-speed water jet entanglement is used, and there is no hot-rolled point of spunbonded fabric, so it feels fluffy and soft. In the disposable sanitary products industry, various functional and differentiated Spunlaced fabrics are made from cotton fiber, corn fiber, soybean fiber, silk fiber, chitosan fiber, etc., which have been widely used in sanitary napkins and high-end diapers.

non woven fabric

At present, non woven in China is mainly used for adult incontinence products, female health products, diapers and other disposable health products. With its continuous development, its use will become more and more common. Understanding the production process of non woven fabric used in the health field will help people better understand it.


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