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Trend of Non Woven, the Main Raw Material of Adult Incontinence Products

The overall development of China's adult incontinence product market is later than that of sanitary napkins and baby diapers. At present, it is in a period of growth, and the market sales and market penetration are growing rapidly. This paper expounds the trend of non woven, the main raw material of adult incontinence products.



1.Non woven and soft and comfortable

For soft, comfortable, mild incontinence products, especially lesbian pants, the requirements are higher. Comparing performance differences in hot air, spunbond, and HiLoft™ non woven, we found that while hot air fabrics had the best volume, they weren't suitable for flexible waistlines due to their poor bending softness. HiLoft™ fabrics use side-by-side two-component fibre self-crimping technology, which is combined with elastic elastic or elastic film for optimum softness and comfort around the waistline of the trousers.

non woven

2.Non woven and elastic fit

For elastic fitting, in the current mild incontinence products, especially the elastic structure of pull-up pants, which is mainly composed of non woven and elastic rubber reinforced composites, the proportion of elastic membrane composite structure has an upward trend. By comparing the performance differences of elastic rubber band composite structure, elastic membrane composite structure, elastic non woven fabric and composite structure, it can be found that elastic non woven fabric and composite structure have the best comprehensive performance in thickness, permeability and wearing comfort.


3.Non woven and dryness

Moderate and severe adult incontinence products have the greatest demand for absorption and dryness. The core structure of this kind of products is still dominated by traditional fluff pulp and SAP. The diversion layer plays an important role in accelerating the liquid penetration rate, reducing the back seepage and improving the dryness. At present, the materials of the guide layer are mainly hot air, chemically bonded non woven and perforated film. By comparing the performance differences of these three materials, it can be found that the perforated membrane has the best dryness in practical use because of its low liquid holding capacity and small thickness attenuation under pressure.

non woven fabric

To sum up, from the perspective of the raw material trend of adult incontinence products, the improvement of elastic structure / materials is of great significance to improve the snug comfort of lesbian pants. Soft spunbonded, hot air and the latest highloft non woven materials can better improve the softness and comfort of adult incontinence products. The dry diversion layer, such as perforated membrane, can improve the performance of products with severe incontinence and protect skin health.


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