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Increased Knowledge! So These Are the Materials of Wet Tissue!

Tissue, as a daily necessities, has been inseparable from our life, and the use of wet tissue is becoming more and more frequent. Many people understand wet paper towel in terms of its surface meaning and believe that it is produced by paper towels and solutions. Is that true? Today, let's learn about its material.



1.Wet tissue material: wet strength paper

The so-called wet strength paper is the paper with wet strength agent. This material is a little strong and has strong water resistance. Generally speaking, the wet tissue of this material will not rot even if it is soaked in water.

Therefore, wet strength paper is mostly used for map paper, banknotes and other items with strong water resistance.

The wet strength paper we use in daily life is basically a lens cleaning wet tissue, a small piece, flexible and durable.

wet tissue

2.Wet tissue material: non woven fabric

Most wet tissue is made of non woven fabric, and then subdivided. Raw non-woven fabric is spunlaced non woven fabric.

Simply put, it is to use superb technology to make multi-layer fibers intertwined, so as to obtain a reinforced and strong Spunlaced non woven fabric.

Generally speaking, most Spunlaced non woven fabrics have the characteristics of fast moisture absorption, good air permeability and soft touch. Multi fiber basically does not fall off, which fully conforms to the performance of wet tissue and becomes its preferred raw material.

When the proportion of primary wood pulp in Spunlaced non woven fabrics is high, the most unique point is that it is easy to decompose. Did you think of wet toilet paper that can be flushed into the toilet?

It has to be said that wet toilet paper is really the gospel of mankind. In addition to being cleaner and more soothing when erasing PP skin, most of the wet toilet paper can be directly thrown into the toilet and washed away without blocking the sewer.

It can be said that with the introduction of wet toilet paper, there is no need to use garbage cans in the toilet. After throwing less garbage, the happiness index has increased.

But what is the concept of being able to disperse?

As the name suggests, washable non woven fabric is that it can be decomposed by water.

This kind of wet tissue usually uses a high proportion of raw wood pulp fiber to obtain washability. Raw wood pulp is not only low-cost, but also very environmentally friendly.

In addition, log pulp will also be softer, which is also of great benefit to our consumers.

wet paper towel

Therefore, when purchasing wet tissue, we must look at raw materials. Spunlaced non woven fabrics are preferred, and wet toilet paper should also remember to choose native wood pulp and washable type. In addition, I'll teach you a skill to look at the main ingredients: the ranking of the ingredient list is directly proportional to the proportion of the main ingredients. In other words, the higher the proportion of the ingredients of wet paper towel products, the higher the ranking in the list of main ingredients.


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