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Facing the Opening of the Second Child Policy, the Development Strategy of China's Diaper Industry

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With the opening of China's two-child policy, the market demand of diaper has increased significantly, which promotes the rapid development of its industry. Based on the national comprehensive opening-up policy for the second child, this paper puts forward specific countermeasures for the development of China's nappy industry.



1.Implement the "going out" development strategy for the diaper industry

From the perspective of China's diaper industrial chain structure, the technological level, equipment and raw materials of Chinese enterprises limit the development of their industries. The implementation of the open policy of going out can invest in countries with comparative advantages, establish their own production and industrial bases, and use the rich resources and advanced technology of other countries to develop industries. This can not only provide domestic high-quality products, but also open the international market and occupy a larger market share.


2.Actively introduce foreign capital and implement international cooperation in the diaper industry

The introduction of foreign capital can make up for the shortage of capital source of enterprises and promote economic growth and development. In addition, foreign investors, while injecting capital, can also bring advanced technology and equipment from abroad, improve the production level and quality of diaper products, improve the international competitiveness of products, improve the management level of Chinese enterprises, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.


3.Build diaper's domestic famous brand

Brand is a comprehensive representation of enterprise cohesion, creativity, scientific and technological strength, reputation and economic strength, and an important symbol of the enterprise's comprehensive development level. In the market to establish a good brand image, improve the visibility of products, can expand the market share, is conducive to improve the competitive advantage of enterprise products. In the current diaper market, foreign brands had a very high market share and won the love and trust of mothers. Domestic production enterprises must establish their own well-known brands, expand market share, make domestic brands deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.


4.Improve the technical level of diaper industry and reduce costs

At present, diaper is generally used by large and medium-sized urban residents in the market, and there is little demand in county-level cities and rural areas. It is a disposable product, which is widely used by infants. Many county-level cities and rural households are insufficient to bear such a burden, reduce costs and reduce market prices, which will play a positive role in expanding the county-level cities and rural markets.


5.Improve the marketing channels and methods of the diaper industry

Marketing channels and methods can not only serve the market, but also create a larger market. It can turn potential customers into profits, and reasonable use will obtain greater profits. For example, creating a new selling point to attract the mother's attention, and then advertising, on the basis of meeting its basic functions, publicize new selling points, such as side leakage prevention, green environmental protection, health and safety, which can achieve twice the result with half the effort. At present, the marketing channels of baby diaper include supermarkets, mother and baby channels, e-commerce online shopping, traditional wholesale, etc. Supermarkets used to be the main sales channel. With the advent of the Internet era, e-commerce online shopping has developed rapidly and has become an important sales channel for products. We should make full use of the Internet, e-mail marketing, blog and microblog marketing, online advertising marketing, video marketing and other ways to expand the scope of marketing.


6.Develop diaper green industry

With the progress of science and technology and the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, green products will be favored by buyers, and the development trend of their industry will also change to environmental protection. The newly developed environmentally degradable diaper is made of raw materials extracted from corn fiber, soybean fiber or buckwheat fiber. Green products will become the mainstream of the industry in the future.


In the context of the comprehensive opening-up of the two-child policy, China's diaper industry will develop rapidly and the industrial development will become mature. If the industrial development takes green environmental protection as the premise, improves the level of industrial technology, reduces costs, makes full use of Internet technology, expands product marketing channels, improves marketing models, and implements brand strategy, China's nappy industry will develop healthily and steadily.


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