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Why Should We Improve the Position Glue of Sanitary Napkins?

The adhesive on the back of sanitary napkin is mainly used to fix the bonding between it and underwear. In the industry, this sizing part is called position glue. However, from the actual use of consumers, it has not developed very well. This article briefly introduces the reasons for improving hot melt adhesive used in sanitary napkins.



1.Not all sanitary napkins have the same position glue

Just because adhesive can stick sanitary napkins to women's underwear does not mean that this adhesive is suitable for a particular sanitary napkin. The sanitary napkin adhesive required by consumers should be soft and flexible, and can match their daily activities (such as action, exercise, sleep, etc.).

In fact, position glue with excellent performance does not only undertake the single mission of "fixing", that is, it should play more roles in addition to realizing "zero shift". For example, when removing sanitary napkins, there is no glue residue; For example, it can meet the requirements of complex underwear fabric shape, style, surface treatment process and fabric elongation. In addition, the excellent processing performance enables it to maintain stable performance in the sanitary napkin production line within a certain glue amount and temperature range, providing flexibility for the manufacture of sanitary napkins.

In addition, there are many factors that affect its performance: for example, low temperature will affect the adhesive, resulting in the displacement of sanitary napkins. Under high temperature, the adhesive will become more sticky, which will penetrate into the underwear fabric, resulting in glue residues left in the removal process and increasing the possibility of tearing the sanitary napkin. At the same time, fabric type, knitting method, underwear style and sanitary napkin design preference also play an important role in its performance.

position glue

2.Improve the benefits of position glue to manufacturers

First of all, because the needs of consumers are changing every month, every day and even every hour, in order to constantly meet the needs of women, manufacturers must examine their product design from all angles. Among them, position glue is an important angle.

From this point of view, choosing the appropriate sanitary napkin adhesive plays an important role in improving the loyalty of female consumers and the brand operation of female sanitary products. From a commercial perspective, changing adhesives can improve the fixation performance of sanitary napkin adhesives, thus creating new business opportunities and helping manufacturers achieve more efficient operations, greater flexibility and higher profitability.

hot melt adhesive

With the development and progress of society, people's health awareness is gradually enhanced, and sanitary products are more and more widely used in people's daily life. Among them, sanitary napkins are favored by women because of their softness, strong hygroscopicity and convenience. As one of the raw materials of sanitary napkins, position glue has attracted more and more attention from relevant people. Understanding the reasons for the improvement of hot melt adhesive used in sanitary napkins is conducive to its better development.


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