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Learn About Knitted Frontal Tape

With the continuous development and progress of society and the continuous improvement of people's quality of life and living standards, disposable sanitary products have become an important product in people's life. Diapers have been widely used in daily life. This article mainly introduces the relevant knowledge of the knitted frontal tape used in diapers.



1.Introduction to knitted frontal tape

Knitted frontal tape is a composite of fabric mesh and low weight OPP or PET film. It combines the mesh with the film through high viscosity hot melt adhesive or PUR adhesive or ultra-high viscosity hot melt adhesive diluted by solvent. The color cartoon pattern used is usually printed on the film. It has high retention force and appropriate peeling force. It can be pasted repeatedly and the tightness can be adjusted freely when used in conjunction with the magic buckle.

It is also called a hook and loop Velcro. The utility model is hooked with the mushroom head through a hook and loop at the free end to achieve the fixation effect on the diapers. At the same time, its net cloth weight is low and does not cover the printed pattern of the bottom film, so the pattern is clear.

At present, the technology of knitted magic tape is very mature and can cooperate with any manufacturer's ejection hook.

knitted frontal tape

2.What should I do if the knitted frontal tape doesn't stick

If too many sundries are stuck on the hard plastic hook surface of the knitted frontal tape, sharp objects such as toothpicks can be used to pick out the sundries.

If the poor adhesion is caused by the fact that the fluff on the wool surface has been stretched to deformation, the front waist patch can be heated or baked slightly (pay attention to moderation), so that the fluff can be bent to improve the adhesion.

If the soft sticky surface hair falls off and the sticky hair is worn off, it needs to be refitted. The method is also very simple. You just need to find clothes that you can't wear or things that contain Velcro but don't need to be used, cut them off, and then use an awl to sew them with fishing line or forced thread.

knitted magic tape

With the improvement of people's living standards and the continuous enhancement of health awareness, disposable sanitary products are used more and more widely. Among them, diapers have been vigorously promoted among infants and adults with incontinence, and the market penetration of diapers has been continuously improved. As the raw material of diapers, knitted frontal tape also witnessed the continuous development of diapers. Learn about knitted magic tape to better use diapers.


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