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How to Select Release Paper?

Release paper is a kind of anti sticking paper, which can prevent the prepreg from sticking and protect the prepreg from pollution. It is made of paper coated with anti sticking material. Its model can be distinguished according to material, thickness, elongation and the difference between one side and two sides. Nowadays, it is widely used in all fields of life. This article briefly introduces how to select silicone paper correctly.



1.Release paper and product features

Take tape as an example. The commonly used adhesive tapes in China are San Zhi in Korea, nito in Japan and 3M in the United States. Because different adhesive tapes have different properties, we should consider this aspect when selecting release paper.


2.Release paper and product cost

There are great differences between domestic and imported release papers. Generally speaking, the domestic reputation is not very good. In terms of tape, especially 3M tape and Nitto tape, the surface is often foggy or the release degree is too low to be well separated from the product. However, domestic ones are certainly cheaper than imported ones, and have a relatively large price ratio. Considering that the company's products are exported, of course, it is better to use imported products, which will be more smooth in the customs; Due to the characteristics of domestic production equipment and production level, domestic release paper is unstable in some products, and the serious consequence is the waste of adhesive tape.

release paper

3.Production procedure of release paper

The focus here is whether to punch or cut. Generally speaking, when stamping or cutting is involved, the thickness of release paper is required, because when it is used for stamping, the low gram weight is not easy to be broken. Of course, this is also related to the fragility of the backing paper. The base paper with poor fragility will tear the paper and products during stamping or cutting, which cannot achieve the desired or expected effect.


4.Usage of release paper

This is mainly reflected in the fact that some products only need to keep the product balance during transportation, so it requires that the product is not easy to fall when combined with the release paper.

silicone paper

As for the choice of release paper, the key lies in its suitability. In my personal understanding, there is neither absolute good nor absolute bad. China has domestic advantages and imports have import advantages. The choice of silicone paper is equivalent to the process of college entrance examination, because we should comprehensively consider all factors and achieve a reasonable and cost-effective effect under the balance of all factors.


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