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Problems in the Maintenance of Sleeping Pants Equipment

Sleeping pants equipment maintenance is a repetitive process. If the maintenance is not done well, the service life of mechanical equipment is not long and comfortable. Therefore, the maintenance of mechanical equipment is directly related to the service life of mechanical equipment. The maintenance of sleeping pants machine is very important, but there are some problems and deficiencies that need to be improved step by step.



1.Failing to maintain sleeping pants equipment on time

Sleeping pants equipment users are not aware of safety and have no concept of mechanical equipment maintenance. The mechanical equipment shall be maintained once a month and the maintenance items shall be specified. Some mechanical equipment users have not done so, and some have not done so for even a month, and there are no safety management personnel specially responsible for mechanical equipment. They relaxed the requirements of maintenance work and were indifferent to maintenance quality. Do not pay attention to the pre repair, pre inspection and daily maintenance of mechanical equipment, do not pay attention to the safety engineering rectification of mechanical equipment, and do not take the initiative to find accidents and potential safety hazards of mechanical equipment.


2.The quality of the maintenance personnel of sleeping pants equipment is not high

Because some maintenance units have a wide range of business and a large number of businesses, sleeping pants equipment is repaired by users. The mechanical equipment maintenance personnel dispatched are not fixed, and some even have no maintenance qualification. These personnel do not have professional training, do not have a wide range of knowledge, and know little about the safety management of mechanical equipment. They know a single mechanical equipment and are not familiar with the safety performance of mechanical equipment. Problems often fail to start, and mechanical equipment faults cannot be eliminated in time.


3.The maintenance market of sleeping pants equipment is chaotic

At present, there are many mechanical equipment maintenance units in the sleeping pants equipment maintenance market, and the service quality is uneven. Some maintenance units have established a sound maintenance quality system, with strong technical force, complete instruments and equipment, and technical personnel often receive technical training. They are professional and skilled, and their technical level is high, which can ensure the maintenance quality of mechanical equipment. Some mechanical equipment maintenance units are non-standard small companies, but there are a few people. These companies are affiliated to some large maintenance units and have obtained qualifications. The professional technicians are poor, the technical level is low, and they lack or even lack necessary instruments and equipment. They have not established a maintenance quality assurance system. In order to meet the low price requirements of property management enterprises, these small companies often quote low maintenance prices, and then cut corners. Due to low cost and low maintenance cost, it is difficult to guarantee the maintenance quality of mechanical equipment.


4.Untimely rescue of sleeping pants equipment

Sleeping pants equipment is a daily maintenance unit, which shall be responsible for the safety performance of its maintenance machinery and equipment. Some mechanical equipment maintenance units have poor emergency response ability and cannot rush to the maintenance site within the specified time after receiving the fault notice. In case of mechanical equipment failure, it is very important for maintenance personnel to arrive at the site in time to eliminate the failure and rescue the trapped personnel. However, some maintenance units did not develop emergency measures and rescue plans. After receiving the call, they temporarily found some maintenance personnel to the fault site, delaying the rescue time, delaying the rescue progress, and even causing mechanical equipment accidents.


The maintenance of sleeping pants equipment is a very comprehensive work, which not only includes the unfinished contents of adjustment and maintenance, but also improves the structure and performance of mechanical equipment according to the fault characteristics and causes of mechanical equipment and in combination with the actual situation.


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