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What is PET Non Woven? What is the Difference Between It and PP Non Woven Fabric?

PET non woven, also known as non woven polyester, is a kind of non woven fabric, which is the most common non woven fabric in daily life. It is required from home textile to filtration. You may know that it is widely used, but do you know its characteristics? What is the difference between it and PP non woven fabric?



1.Introduction to PET non woven

PET refers to polyester, namely polyethylene terephthalate. PET non woven belongs to non woven fabric, and its raw material is 100% polyester chips. It is made of countless continuous polyester filament through spunbonded and hot rolled. It is also known as PET spunbonded filament non woven fabric or PES spunbonded non woven fabric, and also known as one component spunbonded non woven fabric.

PET non woven

2.Characteristics of PET non woven

Firstly, PET non woven is a kind of water repellent non woven fabric. The water repellency of non woven fabric is also different according to the weight. The larger and thicker the gram weight, the better the water repellency. If there are water drops on the surface of non woven fabric, the water drops will directly fall from the surface.

Second, high temperature resistance. Since the melting point of polyester fiber is about 260 ° C, the shape and size stability of non woven fabric can be maintained in the environment where temperature resistance is required. It has been widely used in heat transfer printing, transmission oil filtration and some composite materials that need high temperature resistance.

Third, it is a kind of filament non woven fabric, second only to nylon spunbonded non woven fabric. Its excellent strength, good air permeability, tensile strength, tear resistance and aging resistance have been applied in various fields by more and more people.

Fourth, PET non woven also has a very special physical property: anti gamma ray. In other words, if it is applied to medical products, it can be directly disinfected with gamma rays without damaging its physical properties and dimensional stability, which is the physical property that PP (polypropylene) non woven fabric does not have.


3.Differences between PET non woven and PP non woven fabrics

Raw materials: PET non woven is a new polyester raw material, namely polyester fiber. It does not contain any additives in the whole production process. It is a very excellent environmental protection product and belongs to thick non woven fabric. PP non woven fabric is a kind of polypropylene raw material, namely polypropylene fiber, which belongs to thin non woven fabric. PP raw materials are cheap, PET raw materials are expensive. The waste of PP can be recycled, but the waste of PET can not be recycled, so the cost of PP is slightly lower.

High temperature resistance: the high temperature resistance of PP fabric is about 200 ℃, and that of PET fabric is about 290 ℃, so PET fabric is more resistant to high temperature than PP fabric.

Non woven fabric printing and heat transfer effect: under the same width, PP fabric shrinks more, PET fabric shrinks less, and the effect is better. Therefore, PET fabric is more economical and less waste.

When the tensile force, tension, bearing weight and weight are the same, PET fabric has greater tensile force, tension and bearing capacity than PP fabric. 65g PET fabric is equivalent to 80g PP fabric in terms of tensile force, tension and bearing capacity.

Environmental protection: PP fabric is mixed with recycled PP fabric waste, and PET fabric uses brand-new polyester chips, so PET fabric is more environmentally friendly and hygienic than PP fabric.

non woven polyester

Nowadays, PET non woven is widely used in many fields. Such as home textile, packaging, decoration, etc. In this paper, the raw materials, characteristics and the differences between PET non woven and PP non woven fabrics are explained for the convenience of further understanding.


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