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Measures to Strengthen the Maintenance Management of Thin Sanitary Napkin Equipment

In case of fault of thin sanitary napkin equipment, the faulty mechanical equipment shall be repaired in time. The first is to detect the fault thin sanitary napkin machine, determine the damaged parts and conditions, find and solve the fault in the shortest time, and avoid delaying the production progress.



1.Do a good job in the daily maintenance of thin sanitary napkin equipment

During the daily use of thin sanitary napkin equipment, the frequency of use will be much higher than that of normal placement. If the daily maintenance management of the equipment is not increased, there will be corresponding safety risks in the operation of mechanical equipment, and even faults will affect the normal progress. Therefore, employees should pay attention to the daily maintenance management of mechanical equipment to ensure the normal operation of mechanical equipment.

At the beginning of equipment operation, the relevant management personnel of mechanical equipment shall communicate with the equipment manufacturer to clarify the daily maintenance specifications of the equipment. When the equipment needs maintenance, it shall be operated in accordance with the maintenance management specifications of mechanical equipment. At the same time, establish a perfect reward and punishment system, put forward clear requirements for the maintenance of mechanical equipment, maximize the enthusiasm of relevant personnel, reduce the number and frequency of faults during the operation of machinery, reduce the investment of mechanical equipment in later maintenance work, and ensure the maximization of income.


2.Improve the technical level of thin sanitary napkin equipment maintenance

Only by improving the technical level of maintenance and management of thin sanitary napkin equipment can we ensure the safety and reliability of normal use of machinery and lay a good foundation for relevant maintenance personnel to choose specific maintenance methods. At present, most enterprise projects need professional technicians to carry out corresponding operations in the production process to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Therefore, only by improving the work quality of corresponding technicians can we fundamentally reduce the possibility of mechanical equipment operation. For equipment maintenance personnel, the main purpose of improving quality is to ensure the smooth progress of later maintenance work. The mechanical equipment with problems shall be maintained in time and reported to relevant departments to improve the management efficiency of mechanical equipment.


3.Regularly update thin sanitary napkin equipment

Regularly update thin sanitary napkin equipment to improve production progress and work efficiency. Therefore, in the long run, the relevant units should replace the old equipment in time, select the equipment with stable and good performance and help the later maintenance of the equipment. Safety is the primary consideration in equipment procurement. Secondly, on the basis of safety, select the mechanical equipment with low energy consumption, high efficiency and low nursing cost to ensure the production quality.

Due to the different technologies and accessories used by thin sanitary napkin equipment, before production, estimate the corresponding consumption and damage of parts in production to ensure sufficient supply of mechanical equipment accessories, but also make records of supply and consumption of mechanical equipment accessories, purchase accessories according to the actual situation, and minimize inventory to ensure that mechanical products are always in normal working condition and reduce enterprise cost investment.


During the use of thin sanitary napkin equipment, it is necessary to maintain the mechanical equipment regularly, which will greatly reduce the service life of the equipment and increase the possibility of equipment failure. Therefore, in the actual use process, formulate a scientific and reasonable mechanical equipment maintenance plan to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.


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