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Key Points of Installation and Maintenance of Worry-free Pants Machine

Worry-free pants machine installation project is to combine a series of equipment into a set of equipment or a production line to form a technical equipment system and finally form a production capacity. The installation accuracy of worry-free pants equipment includes three aspects: the position accuracy between independent equipment required to ensure the correct connection of the whole equipment, the equipment manufacturing accuracy reproduced through reasonable installation process and adjustment methods, and the operation accuracy of the whole equipment in operation.



1.Preparation before installation of worry-free pants machine

Before the worry-free pants machine is in place, measure the concrete strength of the equipment foundation. After the concrete strength reaches more than 60%, the equipment can be installed in place. Steel ball impact mark method can be used for small and medium-sized equipment. Before large and medium-sized equipment is installed in place, the foundation must be preloaded. The preloading weight is 1.2 ~ 1.5 times of the sum of the self weight and the maximum weight of the allowable machined parts. The preloading weight shall be evenly added to the foundation, and the preloading work shall be carried out until the foundation settlement cannot be observed with a level gauge. The main contents include basic appearance dimensions, centerline, elevation, bolt hole coordinates, depth, etc. In the basic inspection process, the unqualified places should be handled, which is usually the strategy to deal with the basic defects.


2.Key points of worry-free pants machine maintenance

(1) Strictly implement the current worry-free pants machine maintenance system, do regular maintenance, and ensure that the mechanical equipment is always in the best working condition. If the utilization rate of some mechanical equipment is high or the failure rate is high, the tracking inspection method can be selected. In case of abnormal operation, the machine shall be shut down in time, and the professional maintenance personnel shall conduct detailed inspection and adopt effective maintenance methods. In daily work, mechanical equipment shall regularly check the current situation of mechanical lubrication. If there are problems, add lubricating oil immediately to avoid lubrication problems.

(2) In the process of maintenance, we should not only pay attention to major problems and ignore minor problems, but also do a good job in various maintenance work to avoid mechanical disease operation, minimize the loss of mechanical performance and prevent serious impact on the project progress. At the same time, in the process of mechanical construction, attention should also be paid to maintenance. According to the loss degree of mechanical equipment components, regular inspection should be carried out, and prevention and maintenance work should be done to prevent serious waste of resources and costs caused by forced maintenance. Daily mechanical maintenance requires advanced maintenance, reasonable allocation of engineering maintenance vehicles, timely maintenance of machinery, reduce maintenance cost, shorten time and prolong the service life of mechanical equipment.

(3) In order to maximize the utilization of mechanical equipment, we should establish and improve the mechanical management system and improve the mechanical management system and management structure. We need to establish a reasonable reward and punishment system, improve the safety awareness of mechanical operators, enhance the sense of responsibility, take better care of equipment, reduce human operation errors, avoid serious mechanical losses, and prevent casualties and property losses.


To sum up, it is necessary to make rational use of worry-free pants machine equipment and do all maintenance work in time. Only in this way can we promote the rapid development of production. During the installation and maintenance of mechanical equipment, the staff are required to improve their technical level of installation and maintenance, and carry out quality control in the whole operation process. While standardizing the installation process of mechanical equipment, we should strengthen maintenance control. Only in this way can we ensure the project quality and promote the rapid development of enterprises.


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