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What Should Be Done for the Maintenance of Sanitary Pads Equipment?

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The pace of information has accelerated the production efficiency and also increased the demand for sanitary pads equipment. If you do not pay attention to the maintenance of machinery and equipment in general, you may want to speed up. Here are some maintenance methods about sanitary pads machine.



1.Maintenance of sanitary pads equipment

Sanitary pads equipment maintenance quality is the premise and basis of the use of construction machinery. In the process of long-term use, mechanical internal parts wear, gap increase, with changes, construction machinery static balance and dynamic balance damage, work stability, reliability and mechanical efficiency significantly reduced, and even some parts and components permanently damaged.


2.Inspection of sanitary pads equipment

sanitary pads equipment is very important to check the mechanical equipment before starting. In the operation of the tour of its inspection. The operating procedures are strictly implemented in the work. Eliminate mechanical equipment malfunctions and hidden dangers found, solve machine problems, and ensure disease-free operation of mechanical equipment. The machinery and equipment were thoroughly inspected after they were out of operation. After the end of the day's work, machinery and equipment for routine maintenance and cross operation, and finally must fill in the operation records.

Do a good job of safety of the machinery itself, regular and irregular inspection of machinery, found hidden dangers, timely rectification. Operators in the operation of machinery and equipment in the process of strict implementation of three inspection system: before work, during work, after work, to ensure the normal operation of mechanical components. Set up eye-catching safety signs around the machinery to remind people to pay attention to safety in case of accidents and take emergency measures. Develop equipment scrapping plan according to the technical condition of the equipment, terminate the equipment scrapping cycle in time, and do not use eliminated equipment.


3.Safety protection of sanitary pads equipment

Do a good job sanitary pads equipment kind of protection, mechanical parking site in line with the safety requirements, parking position is reasonable. The space required to accommodate mechanical movement and the surrounding environment does not pose a danger to mechanical movement. The site is flat and solid, machinery can enter and exit, in case of emergency to facilitate evacuation. Firefighting equipment is reasonably arranged, and set warning signs around and mechanical entrances and exits.


To sum up, sanitary pads equipment safety management is the focus of management, is the primary condition for the completion of production tasks. Only by doing a good job of machinery and equipment management, we can eliminate or reduce accidents and create better economic benefits.


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