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On the Precautions of Using Feminine Sanitary Napkin Machine

To improve the service life of feminine sanitary napkin machine, relevant personnel must pay attention to the maintenance of mechanical equipment. Firstly, the enterprise should formulate relevant management measures and equipment maintenance plans, strictly implement the contents of the plan, regularly train equipment operators and improve the comprehensive operation ability of equipment operators. Secondly, employees should continue to learn machine maintenance and daily maintenance of machines and equipment according to the instructions of feminine sanitary napkin equipment and the actual use of equipment.



1.Improve the comprehensive quality of femininesanitary napkin machine staff

As the daily care and maintenance of feminine sanitary napkin machine is very important, different mechanical equipment has different operation processes. Relevant personnel should pay strict attention to the reference instructions of mechanical equipment when using mechanical equipment. First of all, the relevant operators of mechanical equipment should have good professional ethics and attach great importance to their work. Before obtaining the post certificate, the enterprise shall carry out professional training for operators, and master the main tools and methods of repairing electrical appliances through continuous learning of technicians. In addition, in order to better ensure that machine operators can understand more technology and maintenance materials, they are also required to master a certain professional foreign language foundation. Finally, the enterprise should arrange professional technicians to carry out daily maintenance of the equipment. Technicians shall have professional maintenance, professional knowledge and operation ability of programming, hydraulic, mechanical and other equipment, and skillfully and accurately understand various safe power use technologies.


2.Strictly abide by the operation process of femininesanitary napkin machine system

Due to the complexity of daily maintenance of feminine sanitary napkin machine, different types of mechanical equipment have different operation and nursing processes. Relevant personnel must master the instructions of mechanical equipment and carry out maintenance according to relevant specific requirements. In addition, in order to ensure the safety of mechanical equipment and product quality, relevant personnel should also pay attention to the opening and closing sequence of equipment.

During the actual use of the equipment, relevant technicians shall continuously improve the operation process to ensure the standardization of machine use. First of all, in the process of equipment transportation, the enterprise should send special personnel for equipment transportation. A series of shockproof measures must be taken during transportation to ensure that the equipment will not be damaged during transportation. In the process of equipment handling, the principle of handling with care shall be followed to avoid the collision of the machine in the process of handling. Secondly, pay close attention to the use of mechanical equipment batteries. Since the system includes a rechargeable battery maintenance circuit, the maintenance circuit can ensure the normal and stable operation of the system memory, but power failure will lead to the loss of system memory data information. Therefore, when the battery voltage of the equipment is insufficient, the battery should be replaced in time to ensure that the information data in the system is well preserved.


3.Pay attention to theuseenvironment of feminine sanitary napkin machine

There are many electronic components in feminine sanitary napkin machine. Therefore, in the actual operation process, the staff should place the equipment in a place where the sunlight cannot be direct, and the surrounding environment of the equipment should be kept dry as far as possible to avoid electric leakage caused by humidity. In addition, some harsh environments can easily damage the electronic components of the equipment, resulting in short circuit of the original. Relevant personnel must pay attention to cleaning during daily maintenance and maintain the environment around the machine.


With the continuous development of social science and technology, China's manufacturing industry is also developing. As one of the main processing equipment in the manufacturing industry, feminine sanitary napkin machine is widely used by enterprises. However, due to the current employees' lack of attention to machine maintenance, the possibility of equipment failure not only reduces the utilization rate of equipment, but also brings certain benefit losses to enterprises.


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